Mid November Favourites | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Oh hey, here’s another round up of everything I’ve been enjoying in November! I’ve mainly just been denying it’s time to buy Christmas presents, playing games and watching films this month – three of my favourite things to do!

The Walking Dead


I know this is super old and in no way related to Season 6 but I’m still not over it

I’ve written a couple of posts about this season so far – you can read them here and here – it started off with a bang and has definitely just hit it’s mid season lull but that doesn’t mean I won’t be tuning in again for the rest of the series. I’ve religiously watched it from the start and think it’s such a great show – it’s perfect for when I need a quick zombie fix!


giphy (1)

I absolutely love the Bioshock games and I’ve just started playing through the first one again. I’d forgotten just how immersed in Rapture you can become and I am making a conscious effort to find every recording and ghostly memory I can throughout the game.

Harley Quinn comic




I never tire of Harley and my friends very kindly picked me up the latest comic in her many series and spin offs for me to read. This one features Harley heading off on her own and turning up in a new city, rescuing a Daschund dog from a nasty owner, finding two jobs (one as a player in a roller skating team) and discovering that someone has put a hit out on her. I popped to my comic book shop in town, Close Encounters, to try and find the next issue but I could only find the bumper version – which I might have to heavily hint that I want to people for Christmas.


Ponyo DVD

I finally got my hands on my favourite Studio Ghibli film on DVD, it’s such a light hearted, happy film perfect for when you just fancy lying on the sofa and relaxing. The animation is beautiful and Ponyo herself is a wonderful, sweet little character.

Pink hair


I dyed my hair pink last week – I put up a review of the Bleach London dye used – and it’s holding on! It might need a top up by the end of this week, usually I just let dye fade out but I think I’m going to try to keep this one going because I love the colour so much.

Tobey Maguire

giphy (2)

I’ve become a little obsessed with Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 3 gifs lately. I’m not ashamed.

My Dad’s latest artwork 


For Halloween my Dad created an amazing drawing of Sam and Dean from the Supernatural series. You can take a look at little showcase of some of his work here, or check out his Facebook page.


It’s hard to find other girls out there I actually enjoy watching on YouTube, there are so many beauty and fashion bloggers that women creating amazing content about gaming and geeky stuff don’t really get a look in, unless you know what to search for. I can’t remember how I stumbled across it but i watched Heychrissa’s Until Dawn best bits video (which is hilarious) and now I find myself searching for her account on a regular basis. Which sounds creepy, but I don’t subscribe to channels on YouTube, I just make a mental note and then check in regularly. You should also check her out.

Sim City

giphy (3)

Much to Jamie’s surprise, I’m actually pretty damn good at Sim City (I think it’s because he’s rubbish at it) and I’ve lost quite a few hours to the game in the past couple of weeks. I have four cities on the go right now all with names relating to boobs (I don’t know, but Tittown, Nippleton, Boobville and Areolaborough seemed like a good idea in my head) and they’re doing pretty well.

Wolf Alice 

I came across this band via Spotify’s Discover playlist and ended up watching every single music video by them on YouTube before adding them to my playlist. I’m in love with the vocals, the stories that come across in the lyrics and the way their vibe changes between each song on the albums.

If you’re wondering what the November playlist on Spotify looks like this month then check it out here. I’m not ashamed to admit there’s quite a bit of Beiber on there.


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