A true talent: My Dad | Superhero Drawings and Bespoke Illustrations | Pugs and Dinosaurs

In my family, a lot of people believe that I have taken after my Grandma when it comes to a skill or talent. She was an avid reader and also wrote fiction and I have followed in her footsteps with my love of books, writing my own stories and working as a Content Editor, writing blog posts and articles for clients all day long.

I don’t think my writing skills are quite as good as my Grandma’s were, but doing it day in day out should help them get better. However, one talent in my family, that I wish I had a little of, is the ability to draw like my Dad.


I thought I’d share some of his amazing work on here today, simply because I think the world needs to see it!



All of his pictures are created using just pencil, pastel or markers. There is no photoshop touching up or playing around with editors, he simply snaps a picture on his camera then transfers it onto his computer. I think it’s incredible what he creates without the need for touch ups or edits, like most artists he will simply use an image as a reference but add his own style to it.

she hulk


iron man

edward scissorhands

jack skellington


He does have a full time job but he is now turning his art into a business, taking commissions and talking to people around the world through Deviant Art and his Facebook page. He is mainly self taught, in fact his old art school teacher once told him that he couldn’t draw because of the way he went about drawing people, but he is proof that you can do what you love and reap the rewards.

Those who commission drawings are always so pleased and he has a few repeat customers who use his talent for gifts at birthdays and Christmas.


wonder woman


He now has a little office set up at home that he retires to for the evening and works on his latest commission piece or something Marvel related, which is his favourite thing to draw.

You can check out the rest of his work here.

What do you think? What talent was passed on to you within your family?


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