How to store and maintain your Funko Pop collection

Collecting Funkos is great fun. There’s so many to choose from now, so whatever fandom you belong to it’s likely you’ll find one that you love.

My Funko collection started out with Adventure Time and a single original Harley Quinn design in her red and black cowl suit – she still sits on my desk at work, looking cute.

Not long after, the collection soon took on a mind of its own and Funkos became friends and family member’s go to choice of gift for birthdays and Christmas. At the last count we had around 70 which isn’t large compared to some people but enough to warrant us wondering how on earth we’re going to store them.

Daddy to the rescue…


Many people feature their Funkos here, there and everywhere throughout their home but a collection definitely looks more impressive when carefully arranged on shelving together.

My Dad very cleverly used old bed slats to create a purpose made shelving unit for my Pops. He very kindly even accurately measured the gaps between the shelves to fit the boxes in perfectly – but I’m very naughty and take my Funkos out of their packaging unless they’re very unusual or the oversized ones.

The shelves were hung in our spare room/office and each one can house around 18 Pops – 20 at a squeeze. My Disney collection is probably my largest, with more of a focus on villains than Disney princesses.

With this in mind, I also had to remind myself that this collection didn’t come cheap – most average between £11.99-£14.99 – and so I need to take care of my Funkos.


How to look after and maintain your Funko Pop collection

Taking care of your Funkos ensures they look good as the day you bought them. Here are some of my tips on maintaining your collection:


Always look for a display stand in the box

For a long time, I got really frustrated because some of my collection just wouldn’t stand up properly. I thought it was a design flaw and that the Funko was just poorly thought out – however, that’s when I realised that most have an acrylic stand that fits onto the Funko’s feet. You can buy these online but it’s a good idea to look first to get one that matches up with the design of your Pop. These are clear so they’re easy to miss, so when you unpack yours just have a look in the plastic part of the packaging before throwing it away.

Store them in a cool, dry place

If you keep yours in their boxes, it’s important they’re stored in a cool, dry space – if the boxes get wet they could become damaged and tear.

Keep them out of direct sunlight

Sunlight is going to fade your Funkos and the boxes they’re in, so ensure they’re stored in a shaded part of the room away from the windows.


Regularly dust them with a slightly damp cloth

Don’t use dusting polish or cleaning products on your Funkos, instead take a damp cloth and gently wipe this over your Funko Pop. Be sure to take them off their stand and get in between the grooves and push the cloth into and between the details to get rid of any built up dust and grime. I clean mine once a week which is more than enough to ensure they don’t build up a thick layer of dust.

Rotate your Funkos

Even if you keep your collection out of direct sunlight it’s still a good idea to regularly rotate them to ensure they don’t fade on one side. You could do this when carrying out your weekly clean, plus it’s fun to find new ways to rearrange them. Don’t be afraid to mix up fandoms, pull characters together who wouldn’t normally pair up and arrange them in a way that makes you happy.


Take special care with bobble heads

It’s easy for the spring on bobble head Funkos to stretch out of shape – Marvel and Star Wars ranges feature this design – so take extra care when handling these. Our Doctor Strange Funko has a bit of an extra wibbly head because the spring was somehow stretched.

If you’re unsure what it’s worth, keep the box

Limited editions and exclusive designs can be worth money later down the line so it’s a good idea to keep all of the packaging that goes with them in good condition, even if you get your Pop out the box. There are websites that can tell you how much your Funko Pop is worth. Look into and to get a rough idea, ideal if you ever need a little extra quick cash in the future. The Pop Price Guide site gives you a rough estimate while the UK based site looks for examples of how much other people have sold their own version of that Pop for.

eleven underwater

Finally, have fun collecting them

Don’t restrict yourself when it comes to fandoms and niches. Buy Funkos that make you happy. Choose characters that you love even if they’re the only one you’d ever purchase from a whole fandom. It’s not a competition on who has the full collection, Funkos are there to be decorative, remind you of that cool film or TV show or game and ultimately make you happy.

Best places to buy Funko Pops

I get my Funko Pops from a number of places including:

  • Amazon – My wishlist is basically just Pops.
  • Close Encounters – My local comic book store sells Funkos at a great price.
  • HMV – They’re a little pricier here but they’ve had some of the more unusual designs.
  • Smyth’s Toys – My local store doesn’t have a huge selection but you can also buy them online.
  • My Geek Box – These guys  stock a wide range.
  • Pop in a Box  – You can get some great deals on Funkos on this site and they always have the Pops you want in stock.


Got any tips on how you keep your Funkos in great condition? Let me know! Share this with a Funko Pop fan and help them maintain their collection.


2 thoughts on “How to store and maintain your Funko Pop collection

  1. Russell says:

    What a brilliant idea with the bed slats. The display looks amazing.
    One question, I notice light coming through on the side. Is that indirect sunlight and if so is that ok? Not enough to damage the pops? Thanks.


    • pugsanddinosaurs says:

      Ah that’s my clever dad’s idea! Thank you! Yeah it’s indirect, don’t really get any direct sunlight on that side of the room 😊 They’ve been up for around 2 years now and I haven’t noticed any faded colours or damage so fingers crossed it continues. Just added two more smaller bed slat shelves either side! Thanks for reading!


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