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Can we just reflect on last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, and just how…slow it was.

After Morgan’s back story last week I was expecting this week’s instalment to open on Glenn and either see him lying underneath Nicholas with his rib cage exposed and the herd of hungry walkers swarming on him or crawling away under the dumpster, which we know he could squeeze under to make his escape. It can it can it can.

Although the show could just be making us hold out hope by not revealing the truth, much like when we weren’t sure if Sophia was alive or dead in Season 2 and then came out of that barn of walkers.


We don’t even find out how Rick escaped that RV when the walkers were surrounding it from all sides. I know we saw him push his way through the pack as he reached Alexandria but he did bloody well to run all that way through them as well as getting out of the RV unharmed. Also, what about his hand? Is that okay now? I was expecting it to get infected and lobbed off to tie in with the comics.

This was the episode we were all eagerly waiting for, but most of it shouldn’t have even made the cut.

I do have to applaud the SFX team for those sewer walkers though. They were grim.


Although I do feel that now we know Maggie is pregnant the writers have been portraying her as kind of weak of late. Her battle with the sewer walker lacked any of her usual bad ass gusto and she had to essentially be saved by Aaron (who I do actually love as a character).

I assumed Maggie was pregnant a while ago to be honest, when they wouldn’t allow her to join them on the trial run (which quickly escalated into the real thing of course).

I feel like the season has just hit it’s mid way lull and needs a kick up the butt to get going again, it’s a common theme in the show – lots of high paced action and excitement and then two or three episodes of pretty much nothing. Remember that scene with Andrea and her sister fishing in episode 1, pointless. I know it’s classed as character development but for a horror show they sure like to bring in plenty of slow burning drama.

Of course, I still absolutely love the show and couldn’t imagine filling my Monday evening with anything other than it when Autumn arrives but I do wish they didn’t stagger the pace of the storyline so much.

What did you think of the latest episode, was it necessary or do you just want to know what happened to Glenn?


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