How to Remove Your Halloween Face Paint | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Painting yourself completely blue this year for a risque Mystique costume? Donning latex and fake blood to create gruesome looking open wounds? You probably haven’t considered how best to get these things off at the end of the night..or more specifically in the morning when you’ve woken up with a hangover and realised you went to bed with your costume still on.

mystique make up

This took a fair amount of scrubbing to come off

Here are a few of the best ways of removing facepaint and SFX:

Baby wipes: I’m naughty and use these to get my regular make up off, but they’re pretty good at getting face paint off too. You might need two or three but it’ll come off. Johnson’s Baby Wipes are the best.

Vaseline: Grab one of the bigger tubs and some cotton wool and get to work on that make up. The oil takes off facepaint easily, just be sure to have a flannel or some baby wipes to get the last bits off.

Simple eye make up remover: Yeah, I know it says eye make up remover on the bottle but if this can get my Benefit They’re Real mascara off my eye lashes then this can get any face paint off. It’s a pretty expensive solution but if you’ve exhausted everything else and the make up is still being stubborn it might be the best option.

Moisturising cream: Simply grab some moisturiser, rub this onto your face then use a cotton wool ball to wipe the face paint off. It might take some time but you’ll get there.

Liquid latex should simply rub off with soapy water, you just need to loosen it first by soaking it in warm water then gently peel it from your skin. It is messy, so be sure to do this over the sink or in a washing up bowl.

Do you have any tried and tested solutions for removing body paint? Most are water based now, so aren’t too much trouble to get off but if you leave them on for too long or pick up an oil based face paint that’s when you might have some trouble!

Good luck!


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