New Music April | Pugs and Dinosaurs

I’ve never really been one of those people who listens to music ALL THE TIME (mainly because I always forget my headphones) and so when I actually discover new music I like I’m like ‘omg everyone come listen to this!’ and they’ve already heard and dowloaded it and got bored of it like six months ago.

But, I still thought I’d put together a little post today, featuring some relatively new (kind of) tracks that I’ve been  enjoying lately just in case you fancy adding some new tunes to your Spotify playlist:

Beth Ditto – Fire 

This is a track I imagine would play while a badass female protagonist (I’m thinking Atomic Blonde style here) fights a whole room of bad guys and takes them all out in crazy inventive ways.

Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack – Joris de Man & The Flight

You won’t get away with not reading about Horizon in my posts for the foreseeable future. Not only is this game beautiful to look at but the soundtrack is just as beautiful too. It has a Dragon Age vibe about it but with a little more grandeur featuring heavy moments of percussion against delicate flutes. I love Aloy’s Theme which features Julie Elven – who has also sang on tracks for games such as World of Warcraft.

Paramore – Hard Times 

I’ve seen a lot of anger around this comeback song from Paramore and while I was initially confused myself about the new sound I’ve now fallen in love with the song and it’s message. Dealing with anxiety myself, it’s message about mental health and created due to Hayley’s depression throughout 2016, is something that resonates but it’s upbeat tune kind of says that it will all get better.

Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd – Lust for Life 

This sexy, lush sounding song is a collaboration and while I’d never considered a pairing between these two it does work. It’s a song to listen to in the car, while you pretend to be Lana as the wind blows your hair around like something from an angsty teen movie and you consider what a wondrous feeling it is to be in love.

Cheats – Ringer 

With soft Wolf Alice vibes, a strong drum rhythm to tap your foot to and indie guitar sounds to bring it altogether I’m loving this tune from Cheats. It’s laidback and great for car journeys, Sunday lounging or background noise while drinking gin on Friday nights with friends.

Everywhere ft. Rebecca Nohr – Man Up

I’ve featured Everywhere before but their team contacted me again recently with their new song to check out and it’s another great one. I love Rebecca Nohr’s vocals against the gritty indie undertones Everywhere creates – it’s definitely a summer garden party track.

Pierce the Veil – Song for Isabelle 

I know, right? Pierce the Veil is still around? Well, this track is from 2016 but it’s just as angsty as their old stuff and a good head nodding listen.

Purity Ring – Begin Again 

One of my favourite bands, Purity Ring’s first album Shrines is one that I’ve played over and over and their 2015 second album offering is just as wonderful. Begin Again is one of my favourite tracks from this album and I’d had a little break from listening to the band (you can have too much of a good thing) before rediscovering them again not too long ago.

Click here to check out this playlist on Spotify, plus some extra tracks I’ve been loving! (I still can’t embed Spotify properly on WordPress *rolls eyes*)

What have you been listening to?


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