Halloween Party Ideas | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Ever since I’ve lived on my own, I’ve held an annual Halloween party, which I hope will turn into some sort of tradition.

I think Halloween should be celebrated like Christmas and birthdays, I love dressing up and watching horror films and the Nightmare Before Christmas and eating a tonne of sweets around the 31st of October.

giphy (10)

I love (and also kind of hate) pumpkin carving and looking at all the fun Halloween decorations in the shops and how crisp the air is in the morning and evening and I even enjoy the darker nights because it means I don’t feel so guilty about snuggling up on the sofa, watching the entire series of Buffy again with a hot drink and something naughty to eat.

I’m going to try and out do myself this year for my party, I’m giving out prizes and everything for costumes. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to afford it, J and me are heading to London this weekend for Comic Con and we also need to put away some money for our house buying savings, so that is going to suckle at my funds but it’s relatively close to pay day when I’ll start buying bits for the party so it should work out okay.

I thought I’d share in this post some ideas that I’ve found that I plan on replicating for my party this year. I’m so excited!

I love this idea, I think it’s quirky and fun and easy to replicate yourself. These designs are originally from a seller on etsy (they have sold out on there), but I’ve seen some great tutorials on how to create your own using a Sharpie and your oven:

poison tea cups

I replicated this idea at the last party and they actually turned out great, so because more people are attending the party this year I’ll definitely be putting them together again:


halloween food ideas

These were the hotdogs I created last year, I think they looked pretty effective!

I also recreated this idea last year, and will be doing so again at this year’s party. I did try to create a raspberry coolee mixture to put into a cocktail but that didn’t turn out as planned so this year it will just be red shots:

syringe shots

This one should be pretty simple to do and I wouldn’t even need to make the gingerbread men myself, just pick up a pack of plain ones from the supermarket:

gingerbread men

Another really simple, but effective, idea that can be created with just black paper and some scissors:

paper bats

I’m thinking about doing this to terrify some people when they nip to the loo:

shower curtain

These are just a few ideas, you can take a look at my Halloween Pinterest board here, it will be updated in the run up to the big day to keep you inspired! Feel free to give me a follow on there as well, if you like geeky stuff, fan art and home inspiration!


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