The best geeky Etsy finds |Pugs and Dinosaurs

Etsy is one of the best sites to visit when looking for geeky (and usually one of a kind) merchandise. The sellers on there make a living creating incredible items that could leave your bank balance looking a little sorry.

I thought I’d share a few items that have been sitting in my favourites, waiting for that month when I have a little extra cash to treat myself. You can view the product by clicking on the image.

Ricardio the heart guy

ricardio the heart guy

*cue George Takai voice over* Oh my. I need this in my life to join my ever growing soft toy collection that is starting to take over my house and make me look a bit creepy.

Doge t shirt 
doge t shirt

My love for Doge tells me to buy this tee instantly. I already own a Jurassic Pug jumper from the same seller (which I spilt hot chocolate down and can’t get out) so when I discovered this on her store I was very excited.

Castiel plush 


I have a real love for Castiel in the Supernatural series and this cute plush is created by the same seller who made Ricardio. This little guy would look amazing sat on my gallery wall shelf…

Horntail ring

horntail ring

Dragons. Harry Potter. Jewellery. Three incredible things all thrown together to create this ring which looks pretty dangerous when on your finger.

Supernatural tee

supernatural tee

Another Supernatural themed item, featuring some Sam related quotes and references.

Adventure Time rings 

I need all four of these rings and I must wear them all at once so my favourite Adventure Time characters are with me at all times.

Marvel skirt


A skirt featuring all my favourite Marvel characters? Yes.

Evenstar temporary tattoo


Never before have I wanted an Evenstar tattoo so much. And a Smaug one.

Nic Cage phonecase 

nic cage phone case

A bit of a random one, but who doesn’t love Nic Cage reimagined as the Mona Lisa?

Good finds? Have you seen anything you NEED from Etsy?


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