Why we Need a Primal Remaster | Pugs and Dinosaurs

As you might already know, if you read my blog regularly (thank you so much if you do), I love the PS2 game Primal and what with all the remasters being released recently – so excited for the Bioshock collection – I think Primal needs throwing into the mix.

The game was due to be released on the PS3 as a PS2 classic in 2012, but only graced the US Playstation store. In fact, you can still find it on there now. Taunting me. But I CAN’T DOWNLOAD IT. There have been whispers about a downloadable version on the PS4 but I’m not sure if these are true. Please correct me if not.

So this is my plea, to SCE Studio Cambridge (now known as Guerrilla Cambridge of course): pleasepleasepleaseplease can we have a remaster!

Here’s why we need one:

Jen Tate is one of the first strong female characters I related to…


Image via gamerranx.com

…and I’m sure other girls did too. I was only 14 when I first played Primal and Jen Tate quickly became my idol – after Buffy and Sarah from The Craft of course. Outspoken, strong and able to conquer anything that comes her way, being able to play as her was a confidence builder as I was the controller behind the sassy retorts and the hard hitting strikes on demons.

There are more and more strong female protagonists entering the gaming scene, what with Lara’s revamp in 2013 and the option to play as a female Shepard in Mass Effect or lead the Inquisition in Dragon Age, but Jen was definitely one of the first I was subjected to and won’t forget.

Immersive worlds 

The demon realms are so incredibly thought out, with everything accounted for, from social hierarchies to the distinct architecture of the buildings. It’s a game where the developers have taken real care constructing the worlds, before story based gameplay and exploration games became the norm.

From the character costume designs to the architecture, everything is accounted for (and would look even more incredible in a remastered version.)

Fun gameplay

The ability to switch between Scree and Jen was a fun element, it created a puzzle solving element as you had to work out how to use each character to reach the next area and have them work together.

It’s basic button bashing when it comes to fighting, with a melee based system, but it’s done well and is fun to play and the ability to transform into your demon form is another element to factor in but can only be accessed if you build up enough power to do so.

Awesome soundtrack

I’ve mentioned before how much I love the Primal soundtrack – just gonna keep plugging this post guys – but it was truly the best when it came to getting you pumped up before switching to your demon form to fight.

Primal is one of few games that gets it right when it comes to soundtrack, with heavy rock playing while battling the demons in the realms, it gets the player pumped, excited and adds an edgy vibe to a game that already embraces the alternative.

I think that’s all bases covered, it’s a game that hits all the nails on the head (wow what a cliched sentence) and definitely needs a revamp for new consoles. If you didn’t get round to playing Primal the first time on PS2 I highly recommend you pull that old console out, pick up a copy and give it a play. You won’t be disappointed.

So…remaster, please!

K thanks bye



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