The geek girl that was late to the party

I thought I’d start this blog with a little intro into how I got into gaming and developed my love of general geeky things.

I have to admit. I was a little late to the party.

If I’m honest, I wanted to be popular at school, I straightened my hair until it practically stood up on end and copied every trend the cool girls who smoked behind the bike sheds would introduce after the holidays. I had a close knit group of friends and I was never bullied.

I mean I used to listen to Usher. And like it. I still do. But when you think of ‘gamers’ you probably associate them with drum and bass or angry rock. I’m not impartial to angry rock, oh yeah I was an MCR and Linkin Park fan (I know people will tell me those bands don’t count) but I didn’t fit into any stereotypes except ‘girl who wanted her first kiss to not be with a guy who had just eaten a Snickers bar’ – which my first kiss definitely was.

I never owned a N64 or a Gameboy or any other archaic consoles that many gamers like to reminisce about. In fact, I wouldn’t call myself a hard core gamer at all. I just love to do it.

The only comic books I owned were Buffy the Vampire Slayer ones – and my room was decorated with a Buffy theme, featuring an amazing giant MDF cross my Dad made for me with his jigsaw and spray painted silver. He even carved me wooden stakes.

I have never been to a comic book convention. I was planning on London Comic Con this year but plans fell through at the last minute.

Like I said, I was a little late to the party. Mainly because I was trying to be something I most definitely am not.

However, me and my Mum would watch all sorts of sci-fi and horror together. We watched Buffy and Angel and Stargate SG-1 and Dark Angel and Alias and I was obsessed with cartoons such as X-Men, Mummies Alive (I definitely need to cosplay as Nefer-Tina), Spider-Man, Batman and Sailor Moon.

My first introduction to gaming was when I would watch my Dad on his SEGA playing games like Comix Zone. I used to try and play Echo the Dolphin but that game was so bloody difficult and I got impaled on those hideous spikey things so many times I would quickly give up. Plus, if I died (and I did often) I was always a little horrified when all the sea animals and Echo were sucked out of the sea into some whirling vortex of death. *shudders*

I first discovered my true love of gaming when my Dad brought home a Playstation. I remember growing up, me and my sister would play Tekken 2 for hours but she would never suggest switching the console on, it was always me.

I was always playing Fifa or COD with my Dad as well, we’d attempt to get past the first stage on Nazi zombies in World at War and he’d always get frustrated because his goalie would run to the halfway line on the pitch on FIFA so I could score.

When the PS2 came out I received one for Christmas and I had it up in my room, stretching the controller lead across the floor to my bed and playing games such as Primal (still upset that never made it to PS3), Lara Croft and Sims Urbz (although Will.I.Am would never be my friend).

My Dad bought a PS3 for himself and would spend his spare time playing COD and Modern Warfare. I then set up an account and would play until the early hours of the morning. I eventually got my own and since then have discovered all my favourite games such as the Bioshock franchise, Tomb Raider, Dragon Age, Batman Arkham series and Mass Effect.

I didn’t have my own PS3 until I was around 21, simply because at university I would play my boyfriend’s (until he decided to trade in all my games when a new Fifa came out, needless to say we’re not together now) and since I’ve been free of trying to keep up appearances around other people I’ve really embraced that side of me.

You might be thinking, so why are you here talking about this now. You are not worthy.

I know, I even agree a little. But here we go.

I’m here, you’re here, let’s be internet friends and you can read my ramblings about having girl parts and enjoying gaming and geeky things and dressing up like fictional characters (and having crushes on fictional characters – oh Grey Warden Alistair, why aren’t you real?) and general life stuff.

Would you kindly comment below, if you feel like it of course.


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