My first trip to Comic Con | Pugs and Dinosaurs

From what I’d heard and read about cons I was expecting some sort of affair where the world of geek congregates to make friends, hug and compliment each other on their cosplays.

I wasn’t wrong.

Courtyard Excel London Comic Con

I attended MCM Comic Con this weekend in London and while I didn’t go to see any panels or special guests, simply because there was no one there I was interested in although I do wish I’d found Nolan North, I had an amazing time all the same and it was all down to the other attendees.

Us nerdy folk are a friendly bunch and Jamie and I spoke to numerous people throughout the day about our costumes and mutual love for geeky things. Even on the train to Peterborough I saw another girl dressed as Harley on the way to the toilet and we greeted each other like we knew one another.

harley cosplay link cosplay comic con

We caught the train in full on costume this morning and while we got some stares and second glances people weren’t really that bothered (which kind of convinces me that my Harley mask make up look could be acceptable on a day to day basis). When we got to London there were more of us dressed up and people actually asked us where we were heading, I swear we’ve never been so sociable.

Once we reached the con every Harley I came across greeted me like a friend and it was the same for Jamie, with people complimenting him on the awesome job he did on his shield and sword, while other people dressed as Link shouted out to him and some even asked for a hug.

As we were leaving the show a group of Jokers and a Harley were walking in and one of them shouted out to me ‘Princess! You look beautiful but who is he?!’ Then he proceeded to call Jamie Zelda and I’m not sure if it was an accident or if he did it on purpose to wind him up haha. He doesn’t have his boot covers on in the photo below, which did finish off the costume, but he looked pretty good anyway:

Jamie as Link


I thought I’d share my costume too, and please excuse the awkward stance. I absolutely hate having my full body photo taken and never know how to stand to actually achieve a flattering photo so bluerrgh here it is…


It’s a pretty basic cosplay, and I spray painted one of my boots black and it started to crack and I changed my mind about what I was going to wear about 10 times because I got anxious and self conscious and I very nearly went ‘Ugh I’m not going to dress up’ a few times but I thought it turned out okay.

Here’s my make up, close up:

harley quinn make up

Excuse the bra strap and the fact that my face looks really furry. Just ew.

My pink dip dye was done with Bleach London’s The Big Pink. It’s been in for about a week with two washes and appears to be holding on well. I’ll be doing a review of that once it goes on my whole head.

Anyway, moving on from me. Quickly. I thought I’d also share some of the amazing cosplays I saw today, there was so much diversity and creativity on display I was a little in awe of everyone:

These guys were rounding up other Studio Ghibli cosplayers for a big photo later that day. That iron golem costume took around 5 months to create!

These guys were rounding up other Studio Ghibli cosplayers for a big photo later that day. That iron golem costume took around 5 months to create!

Isn't he the cutest Robin you've ever seen?! As soon as I asked for a picture he pulled out that pose

Isn’t he the cutest Robin you’ve ever seen?! As soon as I asked for a picture he pulled out that pose

Fallout 4 cosplay

I couldn’t work out whether these guys were with the show or if they’d just come down in these awesome costumes. They were standing there for ages posing.

No face cosplay

This cosplay is so simple but so effective and everyone was stopping to take pictures with them

LEGO Batman cosplay

Batman is definitely my favourite in the LEGO movie and I loved this guy who was walking/shuffling around in this cosplay

Warrior Disney Princesses cosplay

These girls looked insanely good and I loved the twist on the Disney princess costume

Star Lord cosplay

It helped that this guy looked a little like Chris Pratt for his Star Lord cosplay, plus I have to commend him for his awesome props

Were you at Comic Con this year? What did you think to the show?


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