Halloween Drinking Games | Pugs and Dinosaurs


Whether you’re organising a big party, or just having a quiet evening at home hiding from Trick or Treaters, here are the best Halloween drinking games to play with friends:

Horror movie shots 

Put on your favourite cheesy horror movie, grab a shot glass each and a milder shot (think apple sours or corkys) and take one every time…

  • Someone screams
  • There’s a jump scare
  • Someone suggests splitting up or something as similarly stupid
  • A character dies
  • There’s a creepy kid
  • You see the monster/killer
  • There’s a gruesome death
  • You hear the monster but don’t see it

Good films to put on include: Dawn of the Dead, Cabin in the Woods, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street.


Apple bobbing (with shots)

Shots are great penalties for losing a game and because apple bobbing is pretty hard, you and your friends should be knocking back a fair few of them during the night when giving this a go!

Tickle my tibia

This game involves taking a fake skeleton – it can be one of those little ones you find as a Halloween decoration or a large anatomical one – and get people to name the bones you point to. A shot is obviously the reward if you get the name wrong. It’s a game best played without anyone who studied biology in the room.


Who am I? The dead celeb edition

Like the game 21 questions, write the name of dead celebrities on post it notes and have guests pick one at random. They then have to stick this to their forehead and ask other people questions to work out who they are. If they get to 10 questions and still haven’t guessed correctly that’s a shot, if they get to 20 questions they have to down their drink.

These games should work to get guests mingling and also pretty tipsy! But please drink responsibly!

If you’re planning a Halloween party be sure to also check out my party playlist and where to grab your decorations posts!


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