The Ultimate Halloween Party Playlist | Pugs and Dinosaurs

You’ve got your costume sorted, the snacks ready and all the spooky decorations are up – that are gory enough to make a small child cry – but you’re missing one thing: Music.


So, if you’re throwing a Halloween bash but aren’t sure what to include in terms of tunes then here are some of the top tracks you need on your playlist this Halloween 2016..

Spooky tracks 

  • I put a spell on you – Nina Simone (A classic spooky themed track).
  • Ghostbusters – Fall Out Boy & Miss Elliot (Mix things up a bit with this new take on the classic).
  • Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr (But you’ve got to have the classic on there too).
  • Thriller – Michael Jackson (Put this on the list to play a couple of times!)
  • Monster – Lady Gaga (The clue’s in the name).
  • Rihanna – Disturbia (This song has that creepy vibe about it).

Party tracks

  • I’ve got a feeling – or anything Black Eyed Peas (Trust me).
  • Tears – Louise Johnson and Clean Bandit (Nice dance tune).
  • Anything Beyonce (Everyone loves a bit of Single Ladies).
  • Don’t Stop me Now – Queen (A good singalong tune).
  • Sorry – Justin Beiber (Everyone loves singing along to this one).
  • I wanna dance with somebody – Whitney Houston (I don’t need to give a reason for this one).
  • This is what you came for – Calvin Harris ft Rihanna (Great current dance tune).
  • Just Dance – Lady Gaga
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake (The new feel good song that is competing with Pharrell’s Happy).
  • All the Small Things – Blink 182 (You need some rock on there too).
  • Mr Brightside – The Killers (Great for when everyone’s drunk).

Background tracks

Suicide Squad soundtrack – Heathens, Sucker for Pain and Purple Lambourghini are great for playing in the background at a party.

Add some Coldplay, Blackmill, Drake and Grimes in to pad the list out.

Classic horror tracks 

We’re thinking the Jaws theme tune, the Mike Myers Halloween film soundtrack, the Exorcist’s tubular bells. The Addams Family tune is also a good one to include.

Special effects 

There are lots of creepy soundtracks available, featuring plenty of special effects such as creaking doors, blood curdling screams and evil laughter. Be sure to add a few of these onto your playlist to play between tracks to create that Halloween vibe.

Pick your favourite noises from these playlists or type the names into Spotify:

Horrorween Halloween 

Halloween 2012 sound effects

Haunted House Monster’s Halloween party

Finally, pad these tracks out with some 90s and 00s tracks – everyone loves a bit of old school Will Smith, Xtina, Destiny’s Child and N’Sync – as well as some 80s – Wham, A-Ha and Madness are all good starting points.

I would include an embedded Spotify playlist but for some reason WordPress won’t allow it. So click here to go through to the Spotify playlist to follow and use for yourself.

What tracks would have to be on your Halloween playlist?


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