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So, I’ve been a bit lax lately when it comes to posts, which I have to apologise for. I’m not going to lie to you, here’s the reason:


I got sucked in again. This is probably the fourth time I’ve played the game through and it just gets better each go. I think it’s a legit excuse. No regrets.

But today, I thought I’d share a little review with you about a new semi permanent hair dye I’ve tested.


I know Bleach London products have been around for a while but I’ve been so loyal to Directions that I haven’t yet dabbled. However, when I saw they stocked a peach number I thought it was time to give it a go, considering my hair is now pretty light (and no longer stained green). The dye cost £5 from Boots, which is a little more than I’d normally pay for a semi permanent colour.

I applied it all over to my highlighted, blonde hair and ended up with this:


It’s a pretty subtle peach to be honest, more of a rose gold, but I’ve had lots of compliments from people at work and on Instagram, so I’m pretty pleased. Even my Mum didn’t recoil in horror when she saw it. Here are a few points I thought I’d share:

  • Overall, I’d say it’s a good product. It works in the same way as any semi permanent dye simply stick on, leave, then rinse out.
  • I’m not sure about the bottle design, it wasn’t easy getting all of the dye out and I do prefer the tub Directions dyes come in.
  • With any semi permanent product, I’d advise against putting the dye on towel dried hair like it suggests. These type of colours always take better on dry hair and you can actually see where you’ve applied the colour.
  • This dye does wipe off surfaces quite easily, but I’d still suggest putting towels down to save your work surfaces/toilet cistern like I use.
  • It’s a great dye if your hair is really light, I don’t know how it will show on darker hair so bleached or really blonde locks are best.
  • I’m not sure how long it will last, it seems to rub out overnight while I sleep. I hoping it will last at least one wash, it’s already had a top up.


What do you think of the colour? Do you have any tips when it comes to semi permanent dyes?

Jade x


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