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I should really stop listening to people when they tell me how good a film or a show is. It builds up a false sense of hope and excitement that is usually quelled somewhere ten minutes in.

giphy (38) It happened with Mad Max. It happened with Game of Thrones and it’s happened again recently with Daredevil on Netflix. I don’t dare watch Breaking Bad.

I know that Marvel shows are cheesy – I’ve watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which appears to involve a lot of talking things out instead of action – but my GAHD does Daredevil like to feature talking. I get it, character development is important, back story surrounding Matt Murdock is needed and yes plot details are necessary but it just feels like one lengthy conversation after the other sometimes.

I know I’m being unrealistic (stunt men aren’t cheap) but a little more action a little less tongue wagging would please me. I also thought I’d note just how eye rollingly cliche the first episode is.

It could basically be summed up into: ‘hot blind guy fights people, acts cool and saves lots of attractive women who then cook for him as a thank you.’

giphy (39) I have to admit, I never embraced Daredevil the same way I did other Marvel offerings, I think Ben Affleck ruined it for me (so let’s hope he doesn’t ruin Batman). Therefore, I don’t know if this concept differs much from the comic book, with women being the tiny helpless creatures that Murdock has to save.

Joss Whedon recently highlighted this issue in the latest Jurassic Park installment, criticising the film while tweeting for being “70’s-era sexist,”

He also tweeted: “She’s a stiff, he’s a life-force – really? Still?”

And from the clips I’ve seen, it’s true.

It surprises me that these characters are still used in films, I haven’t yet seen Jurassic World so I can’t comment on that film in particular but if Disney can create characters like Go-Go and Honey Lemon then why can’t the movies aimed at an adult audience?

The first episode of Daredevil has quite a few common female tropes dragged through it. You have the opening scene featuring terrified, screaming women who are being used by sex traffickers – then in comes Matt Murdock to kick ass and save the day.

giphy (37) Next you have Karen who is completely helpless, set up for murder and is rescued by Matt later when someone is sent to kill her. She then proceeds to ‘show her thanks’ by working for the lawyers for free and cooking them dinner like a good woman should.

Oh, and even if I was in a room with a blind guy I’d just met I would still turn around to get changed. She then goes on to act as a potential love interest for Foggy who seems a bit infatuated with her after a day.

There was also a random estate agent, who while attractive was also the definition of ‘typical dumb blonde’ who gets all flustered over Murdoch’s charm. Where’s Elektra when you need her?

giphy (41) I’ve watched three episodes of Daredevil so far and I’m probably being far too judgemental because I have a vagina and want to watch cool women fight people, as well as the main hero.

The show does have some redeeming qualities though. It’s very dark and gritty for a Marvel series and kind of reminds me of Gotham, portraying a struggle between the justice system and the seedy underbelly of a city. The action is brutal but believable, which sounds ridiculous, but Murdock’s fight scenes show him getting tired, falling over and ultimately losing sometimes. It’s a great way of showing you that he is starting out, that his skills are not yet refined and he is making mistakes. He doesn’t even have a proper costume yet.

That reminds me of Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s first experiences fighting criminals – he would also take a few punches but in the end learned how to defend himself. Superheroes don’t just wake up one day and are at full fighting ability – unless you’re Captain America – they need to hone their skills and Daredevil shows him doing just this.

I will continue watching the show, sometimes I give up too quickly, I’m not the best at changing my opinion of things – I need to do the same with Game of Thrones…I get judged heavily for not being into that series. I love the books though so I guess that’s something.

What do you think of Daredevil? Is it worth carrying on with?


6 thoughts on “A Little Late to the Party |Daredevil Review |Pugs and Dinosaurs

  1. swanpride says:

    Yes and no. I have some issues with the portrayal of female characters, too. But I think the cinematography alone is worth sticking around for it. I don’t love it, but I don’t rue that I watched it. Though I have to say that the second episode of the show (I think it is the second…the one which tells the story of Matt’s father) is still my favourite one.


    • pugsanddinosaurs says:

      The cinematography is definitely its most redeeming feature and I did enjoy the grittier moments (the bowling alley scene was pretty brutal), just really have an issue with the whole damsel in distress thing. It needs some Elektra thrown in there, although she’ll just succumb to his charms too I imagine!


      • swanpride says:

        We’ll see. I wish reviews had been more critical about that aspect. In terms of representation, the show is very old-fashioned. But I really liked Claire, so there is that.


  2. Vincent Krasauskas says:

    It’s odd for me – I’m in the unique position of liking this series A LOT but not really caring for the Daredevil story/universe. I’d say stick it out to the end if you feel like sparing the time.


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