The Best Shops to Buy Halloween Decorations From | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Whether you’re planning a party or simply want to decorate your home ready for Trick or Treaters there are plenty of places to grab affordable Halloween decorations and I thought I’d put together a list of some of the best ones:


Pumpkin tinsel, paper chains and trophy from Hobbycraft, Sugar skull banner and shot glasses from Asda, Halloween candles from B&M  Bargain Stores

ASDA – If there is an Asda living nearby then this is a great place to start your search. They’re currently stocking weird skeleton ornaments, cool looking dining ware but are focusing on a Day of the Dead theme with lots of sugar skulls and cute but spooky themed decor.

Morrisons – There’s lots of fun, noisy decorations available at Morrisons from lights featuring creepy sounds and cackling skeletons. I had a lot of fun standing in the aisle. It’s the best place for your main decor attraction – they have this great skeleton treat bowl that would look good on the table and makes noise when you get close. The store also has a 3 for 2 offer on lots of its smaller decorations, such as rubber bats and spiders which are great for adding to the table decor or hanging from the ceiling.


Tesco – While I wasn’t bowled over by the selection in my local Tesco it did have plenty of classic Halloween decor, with ceramic pumpkins, ghost shaped lights plus orange, purple and black coloured napkins and paper cups.

Hobbycraft – The decorations in here are surprisingly well priced, considering how expensive most craft items are in this store. You can also pick up face paints and other SFX make up in their Halloween aisle. Most items are priced around £1 or £2 so you can grab a lot for your money.


Candles from B&M Bargains

B&M Bargains – I don’t know if every city has one of these stores but they’re well worth a visit around this time of year. They have some great Halloween themed homeware items, such as the candles featured in the image above – that I will probably keep out for the rest of the year.

TK Maxx – On the pricier side of things, TK Maxx features a lot of fun Halloween themed homeware. At the moment stores have a great range of spooky snowglobes in stock, featuring the bride of Frankenstein, creepy skulls and haunted houses. A couple of these lined up on the mantlepiece are a great way of subtly decorating your home.

Poundland – Head here for cute inflatable ghosts and pumpkins as well as goood looking tealight holders that you’ll want to keep out all year round.


Where have you been stocking up on Halloween decorations?


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