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I love a good subscription box.

I started off with food (of course), receiving one of those Graze boxes weekly when they first came out – and eating the entire contents in a day.

I used to receive a My Geek Box each month until my rent was put up in my flat and I couldn’t really justify the £18 a month it cost to receive one.

If you follow me on social media – if you don’t here’s my Instagram and Twitter pages if you’re feeling friendly – then you’ll see I post often about new Funko Pops I’ve collected.

I love Funkos, I think it’s just the cute factor and the detail that goes into them plus for collectables they’re pretty affordable.

funko collection

So when I saw you could get a monthly subscription box called Pop in a Box that sends you a surprise Funko each month I was dead excited.

The one Funko Pop a month subscription costs £11.99 and once you’re subscribed you can buy from the shop and enjoy free delivery on top of your monthly box. Pops from the shop cost £8.49-£15.99, which is great value.

The pops arrive in a simple carboard box, with no bumpf or marketing, just the single Funko inside and are posted via the Tracked Royal Mail service.

You can manage your collection on the site, to ensure you never receive duplicates and go through all of the available Pops putting thumbs up or down to the ones you want and don’t want. If you’re serious about only getting Pops you want this can take a while because there are so many available.

pop my collection screenshot

However, I strongly suggest you do this. DO NOT leave any Pops in your wish list that you would be even slightly disappointed about receiving. I learnt this the hard way when my first box arrived and I opened it excitedly to discover a Mean Girls Karen Pop that I didn’t actually want. It’s my fault for keeping it on the list, but you should definitely only give a thumbs up to the ones you really, really want.

By the way, if anyone wants that Karen Pop for their collection holla at me. If it had been Regina or Gretchen I might have kept it.

My second box was much more to my taste – because, you know, I only gave them the option of my taste. I received a coronation Frozen Anna Pop and she is the most gorgeous little thing. The Disney character Pops are so beautifully designed and detailed, I really love them.

FullSizeRender (5)

I’ve also received the cutest Queen of Hearts from Disney and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland:


As well as Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare before Christmas:


The Pops generally arrive around the middle of the month and the company takes payment right near the end of the month before, or at least they do for me. I’m not sure if it’s a set payment date or just when you set up your subscription.

pop menu screenshot

It’s super easy to amend your subscription and cancel it, you don’t need to contact them or do anything but amend the number of Pops you want to receive on the subscription form. So amending the number to 0 means you won’t receive anymore boxes. Simple!

It’s a great way of receiving a little surprise each month and can quickly help build a Funko collection. Mine isn’t huge – I think it’s around 23 in total – but if I regularly receive this box it should grow quickly.


I definitely recommend signing up to Pop in a Box, it’s an affordable way of building up a collection and if you’re prepared to put in a little effort curating your wish list then you should regularly receive cool new Pops every month.

Click here and enjoy 20% off your first box!

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.


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