The Big Geek Xmas Wishlist 2016 | Pugs and Dinosaurs

‘Tis the motherf*cking season.

It’s that time of year folks when I put together a round up of some of the geeky gifts that should be on your wishlist or that you should be picking up for the geek in your life!

Here we go! Click on the image to go through to the product!

The Joker Christmas tee – £11.99 – Truffle Shuffle 

I find it hard to pass on a good, geeky novelty tee and Christmas themed ones are a real weakness, which is why once payday rolls around I’ll be snapping up this Joker themed t-shirt from one of my fave stores, Truffle Shuffle.


Truffle Shuffle Joker Christmas t-shirt.jpg

Image via Truffle Shuffle


Dementor Patch – 6€ (around £5.12) – La Barbuda 


Image via La Barbuda 

Patches are super popular at the moment and if you’re buying for a Harry Potter fan they’ll definitely appreciate this amazing Dementor design to iron on to their favourite denim jacket. I’ve purchased a lot of patches from La Barbuda, the shop is based in Spain but items are also shipped really quickly to the UK and are really high quality.

Darth Vader Cape Socks – £5.99 – Truffle Shuffle

You’ll be able to ‘feet’ the force with these. That doesn’t work. I don’t care. Anyway, look at the little cape on the back!

Darth Vader socks.jpg

Image via Truffle Shuffle

Avengers Assemble Overalls – $109AUD (around £65) – Black Milk Clothing

Oh.My.God. Have you ever seen anything more amazing than these overalls? Check out the whole Marvel New York collection, featuring lots of Spidey and Avengers themed prints, here.

black milk overalls.jpg

Image via


Millenium Falcon Metal Construction Kit – £9.99 – IWOOT

Perfect for the Star Wars geek who loves a good modelling kit. This kit features laser cut, metal parts that you can assemble by bending the tabs and following the instructions.

millennium falcon.jpg

Image via IWOOT


Harley Quinn sock set – £6.99 – Truffle Shuffle 

It’s not Christmas if you don’t get socks, puddin!

harley quinn socks.jpg

Image via Truffle Shuffle

Atari 2600 wallet – £12.99 – Truffle Shuffle 

Know a retro gamer? Then this blast from the past should put a smile on their face whenever they go to get cash out.

atari wallet truffle shuffle.jpg

Image via Truffle Shuffle

The Little Mermaid Pyjamas – £12.99 – Truffle Shuffle

These are super cute and look super comfy too. Perfect as a little extra gift for a sister or best friend.

The Little Mermaid pyjamas.jpg

Image via Truffle Shuffle

Stranger Things tee – £14.99 – Truffle Shuffle

Jumping on the Stranger Things hype, the person who receives this gift will love it more than Eleven loves Eggos.

stranger things t-shirt.jpg

Image via Truffle Shuffle


Illustrated Harry Potter – RRP£21.00

Take them back to Hogwarts with this beautiful, illustrated Harry Potter book. They’ve also released the Chamber of Secrets in the series.

harry potter book.png

Image via



Legend of Zelda glass – £5.99 – Truffle Shuffle 

Hey listen! This Zelda glass is perfect for the top chicken catcher in your life.

zelda glass truffle shuffle.jpg



Pop in a Box subscription 

funko collection

A monthly surprise Funko Pop is the perfect gift for someone building up their collection, for one Pop a month you’ll pay £11.99.Opt for a one off box or sign that special someone up to receive a monthly Pop.I’ve put together a review on the service, so you could check that out first.

Video Game Map -$25 (around £20) – I am 8bit

8 bit video game map.jpg

Image via

This super cool map is perfect for a gamer, it features all of the most recognisable landmarks and locations from popular games from Rainbow Road to Columbia. Perfect for a living room wall or hallway.

Brienne Patch – £13.96 – Tostes on etsy 

game of thrones brienne tostes.jpg

Image via Tostes on etsy

This etsy seller in Brazil creates some awesome handmade patches, including this Brienne themed design and a Barb from Stranger Things. Postage is also super reasonable to the UK – around £3.

What tickles your pickle on this list? Let me know! I mean, I’m not going to buy it for you…it’s just interesting.

*All prices were correct at time of writing.

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