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Lady, that is not appropriate battle gear

Super cheesy, a little angsty  but nice to look at is how I would initially describe the new series Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.

Now, I know this series is loosely based on a book series by Cassandra Clare, not that I’ve ever read them but I imagine they are the usual YA type of novels that feature a girl being suddenly introduced to a whole new world with plenty of love rivals and special powers to learn to control.

It’s all a little over the top, too glammed up and the acting is much to be desired but if you fancy something easy to watch it’s worth popping on but it definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.




Clary Fray is one of those beautiful 18 year old girls with cute, witty best friends in a band and a dark family secret that her mothers been hiding from her all her life. But Clary ends up meeting some Shadowhunters on a night out and getting spotted by some demons who have been looking for her mother, who has apparently hidden something very important and dangerous called the Mortal Cup. Chaos ensues as bad guys go after Clary’s Mum and she is exposed to the Shadowhunter world she should have been aware of.

Obviously I don’t want to reveal too much but you’ll also get to enjoy – as well as Shadowhunters and demons – appearances from vampires, fairies and warlocks. It’s one of those true YA style stories like ‘everything you thought was a story is true and you are the chosen one’.

I know there was a film made based on the Mortal Instrument series, but it was a bit of a flop. I’m on episode 3 and it’s not the best thing I’ve watched but if you just love something really cheesy and kind of fun it’s worth a go. Plus, you can comment on the highly inappropriate shoes and outfits the girls wear in the show, Isabelle likes heels and revealing lots of flesh.

I also just wanted to have a quick giggle over the names of the characters, they’re always so over the top and flamboyant, I mean Clary Fray sounds like some sort of elven name, Lucian Graymark is obvs a villainy name and Jace Wayland sounds like some sort of strapping quarterback in a rom com so he’s obviously the love interest. Oh and poor old Simon Lewis is the dorky chatterbox with the basic name who is in love with his best friend.

I do like the concept of the runes for protection and other powers though that the Shadowhunters use, I hope they go into more detail about them throughout the series – although I imagine you’ll only really find this info in the books.

clary fray

Okay, reading this back this post is a little critical but while Jamie might protest I’ll probably stick it on next week in the background while I’m writing or something.

Have you watched Shadowhunters? What did you think?



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