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After what I consider the fiasco that is Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, I was a bit apprehensive to sit down and watch the franchise’s latest installment, Jessica Jones.

However, after the first episode I knew this show was going to surpass my expectations and wipe Daredevil off the map – even though it’s essentially set at the same time, in the same place and features a few crossovers between the series.

jessica jones

Credit Marvel, Netflix

Jessica (played by Krysten Ritter) is the typical anti-hero, she’s rude, aggressive but gets the job done and you just can’t help but love her. She has the typical twisted past, which after reading up on her is understandable  – Kilgrave has to be one of the worst villains in all superhero franchises, possible even worse than DC’s Prince of Crime himself.

As a character, she’s fairly unknown, I’m a huge Marvel fan and I had never heard of her but after seeing the trailers and reading around I knew I was going to like her.

In the comics Jessica is also known as Jewel, a superhero until she is taken by Kilgrave and tortured mentally and made to do things against her own will.

jessica jones jewel

David Tennant is playing the role of the Purple Man and while I’m not a huge fan of him he appears to be doing the role justice. Kilgrave is horrifying in his tactics and his reasons for making people do unspeakable things, simply because he can. Much like the Joker he has no reason to commit his evil acts except because he enjoys it.

I’m only two episodes in, as its winter there is lots of TV to keep up with, but it’s a series I’m very much enjoying and wanted to quickly highlight on here to encourage everyone else to start watching it too.

Now if someone could also make a Spider-Woman series or film, that would be great. We always need another Jessica in our lives.


Have you watched the series yet? What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Late to the Party | Jessica Jones: The Heroine we All Need | Pugs and Dinosaurs

  1. Anastasia says:

    Very awesome series! I loved Jessica, she was troubled but still strong (err yes physically but mentally as well). David Tennant was really really creepy! Loved him! It was a bit hard to watch after Doctor Who haha


    • pugsanddinosaurs says:

      I’m not a huge Dr Who fan so it’s hard to compare but I think he’s really doing the role justice, in that charming but really deranged, evil sort of way Haha! Thanks for reading 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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