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It’s safe to say I’m an anxious person. I’m one of those people who can’t switch their brain off, who thinks up the most insane scenarios that might happen that it stops them from doing things and every now and then spirals into a dark hole of stress and a general state of overwhelming that takes a while to come out from.

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I was thinking the other day about this and I know I’m not alone. So I thought I’d put together a little list, featuring a few things I know will ring true for the anxious amongst us.

Welcome to the blog guys. We’re all friends here.

1. The thought of networking fills you with a special sort of dread and you believe ‘small talk’ is probably the main element of one of those seven circles in hell you’re sure you’re going to be thrown into when you die, so the pain and torture of such a situation can torment you forever.

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2. You take photos of electrical appliances that you’ve pulled out of the plug socket on the wall to refer to later, just to be sure you’ve turned them off.

3. You’ve also definitely filmed yourself locking the door before going on holiday, so you don’t panic when you get a couple of miles up the road.

giphy (29)

4. And don’t forget about having to run back to the front door every day and hitting the handle a certain amount of times before you can go anywhere. I once also, on the way home from the airport, had to pull over on the motorway to check I’d put my suitcase in the boot. I got it into my head it wasn’t in there. My sister wasn’t impressed.

5. You automatically assume people absolutely hate you. This counts for family members, close friends, work colleagues, tiny dogs or that old lady you passed on the street the other day, who might have looked at you funny. Or maybe she was squinting. But anyway, this leads you to panic all day about what you’ve said to them in the past 24 hours/week/month when their mood is nothing to do with you at all.

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6. You hear a weird noise while driving and so you immediately prepare yourself for your inevitable demise in a fireball that erupts from the bonnet or for the hefty bill you’re going to have to cough up for from the garage. Spoiler: there’s nothing wrong with the car.

giphy (31)

7. After a drunk night out you spend most of the morning after trying to remember every conversation you had before you fall into an unecessary pit of shame and self loathing. You remember one thing that might have come across wrong and obsess about it all day before finally texting the other person involved and apologising profusely. If they don’t reply it makes it even worse. In fact, you probably won’t be able to function.

8. If someone doesn’t text you back in general or everyone ignores you on a group message you can’t leave your phone alone until they reply.

giphy (32)

9. The thought of reverse parking in a busy car park gets your palms sweaty, you’re perfectly capable but the thought of making people wait or them watching you is enough to turn you into a wreck.

10. You doubt yourself so much if someone actually compliments you it turns you into an awkward mess. Whether it’s at work or even just a friend saying you look nice.

11. Someone telling you to not to worry and to calm down just makes things worse when you’re feeling bad.

giphy (33).gif

12. You watch the news/read the Daily Mail and vow never to leave your bed again.

13. You get anxious from trying not to be anxious.

Do you relate to any of these?

I’ve been feeling stressed and anxious lately, really for no reason at all, so thought I’d put this post together to reach out to others who might be feeling the same way. Let’s enjoy a nice big Internet hug together guys.

Remember, it’s okay to take some time out and if you really aren’t comfortable to say no or leave a situation. Learn what calms you down, is it music, something you can hold, or do you simply need time to yourself? Please ensure you are taking care of yourself. You can definitely get through it, you got this.


P.S I like to look at Nicholas Cage gifs to cheer me up. This one is my favourite, from Con Air:

giphy (34)


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