Halloween 2016 | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Happy Halloween!

This advent calendar thing kind of died near the end. I’m not going to make excuses, but I had a lot going on this past week.

So anyway, the annual Halloween party went ahead without a hitch on Saturday. Well, I did misjudge timings so I was manically cooking chicken nuggets still when people started turning up, but it was a great night.





Everyone dressed up and looked great, there were three Jokers, Rick Grimes, Maleficent, The Other Mother from Coraline, a Weeping Angel, the 12th Doctor, Red Riding Hood and the wolf and a Dementor, Bellatrix Lestrange and a Death Eater. So, a pretty full house.

There was lots of drinking, a dance off and sore heads in the morning. The best way to celebrate Halloween.

I had a funny encounter today actually, talking of celebrating Halloween, I was speaking to a man who works in my office building and he said it’s a money spinner that’s seeped over from America, then in the next breath said he was looking forward to Bonfire night. I mean, isn’t that just like setting fire to money then watching it explode in the sky?

But anyway, what I wanted to say is I hope you had an amazing Halloween and that you celebrate it however you feel best, whether that’s dressing up and scaring Trick or Treaters or hiding inside eating marked down sweets you picked up from the shop on your way home.



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