Late to the Party | Ant-Man thoughts | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Spoilers below. You’ve been warned.

So, I didn’t see Ant-Man at the cinema. I know, a Marvel film that I didn’t go and watch on the big screen….who am I? But I finally got round to watching it with my Dad and I have to say, it was actually pretty good.

Like many people, I was a bit apprehensive. I mean, it’s Ant-Man.

giphy (14)

But Paul Rudd was great as Scott Lang, the notorious thief who can supposedly crack any security system and he teams up with Dr Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas, to wear the Ant-Man suit and infiltrate Pym’s old business to steal weaponry that has been created using his technology.

The film felt like a big cheesy Marvel creation, a bit corny like Agents of Shield with tonnes of jokes and comical moments from Rudd himself and his criminal friends who help him infiltrate Pym’s old place of work.

But besides all that the best aspect of the film is…the ants. I didn’t realise such a big part they had to play, I thought Ant-Man was just a guy who put on a suit and became teeny tiny but he can actually control and communicate with the ants and I became particularly attached to Rudd’s main ant friend Anthony only to then watch him die before my very eyes with a very well aimed bullet (seriously, how do you hit a single ant with a bullet?)

giphy (16)

There was also a fun cameo from Falcon when Rudd goes to infiltrate the Avengers base for a piece of tech Pym needs, I do love when this current series of films and TV shows tie together and confirm they’re all taking place at the same time and in the same universe.

The shrinking down of Ant-Man was well done but you can’t really fault Marvel when it comes to their CGI in their movies these days. However, something could have been done about Evangeline Lilly’s hair…girl, that fringe ain’t doing you any favours.


The scenes where Ant-Man is in his smaller size are great because we get to enjoy a zoomed in version of elements of our own world and the fight scene on the kids playset between him and the villain of the film (the guy who’s been using Pym’s tech to create his own weaponised shrinking suit) is brilliant.

Everything they throw around and hit in their miniature size appears huge and loud but when the camera zooms out its no where near as dramatic. It adds a real comedic element and was well executed…unlike my explanation of it. Here’s a gif:

giphy (15)

Have you seen Ant-Man? What did you think? I definitely consider it worth a watch.

Jade x

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