Mid January Favourites | Pugs and Dinosaurs

It’s that time again, where I share what I’ve been loving this month that you should check out too!

Alice Madness Returns game 


I had a fair amount of time off over Christmas and so thought I’d download this game on the PS3, needless to say I’m hooked now! It’s twisted, fun to play and pretty to look at. I’ve put a few thoughts together on it here, if you fancy learning more about it.

Peachy sunrise hair 


I’ve been playing around with Bleach London products lately and thought I’d try Awkward Peach and the Big Pink on my hair to create a kind of ombre, sunrise style effect. I’m pretty pleased with the result and picked up the Washed Out Orange to mix with the Awkward Peach when I next top the colour up for a more vibrant result.

Funko Pops 

I was very excited to finally receive my Rocket Racoon! If you watched my YouTube video you’ll have heard about the mix up with gifts but I’m so happy I have this little guy now. Look how cute he is!

Lush Bath Bombs 


Nothing much to say here really except that pink bathwater might now be my new favourite thing. I picked up a couple of small bath bombs, simple because my bath is so tiny and the big ones were pricey, and enjoyed a nice soak in great smelling pink water that didn’t aggravate my skin.

She-Hulk and Gamora team ups 


I had one of those days recently where you head into town and treat yourself to a few things. I went to the comic book shop and picked up a couple of new reads, I grabbed some new hair dye and a Harry Potter themed t shirt and also some weight training gloves to save my poor hands on my next arm day. Out of all these things I loved a particular storyline in the Guardians Team Up bumper issue with Gamora and She-Hulk fighting together after someone has placed a bounty on Gamora’s head. I don’t read a lot with She Hulk in, but I think I’m going to have to look out for her more often.

Having a clear out and packing up 


I leave my flat in a few months and I seriously cannot wait, so much so I’ve started packing already. It’s amazing what having a good declutter and clear out can do, my place feels a little empty but I know I won’t be taking rubbish with me when I move.

January’s one of those strange months that seems to whizz by but also drag each day, I hope yours is off to a good start!

Jade x

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