Why You Should Always Give a Series a Second Chance | Pugs and Dinosaurs

I’m one of those people who finds it hard to change my mind when I’ve had a negative first impression about something or even someone. I’m stubborn and I refuse to give it another chance until I’m ready…or just not at all.

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However, I recently decided to give the TV show Gotham another go. My boyfriend has been working lates so I’ve had to find something to watch in the evenings because I have no games lined up, no creativity when it comes to writing and I can’t really carry on watching shows we’ve been following together. So one night, while browsing Netflix I noticed Gotham was on there.

We tried watching the show when it first aired but we didn’t get past the first episode. I hated Cobblepot, Bullock was irritating and Gordon a simpering mess and Jamie felt the same way. Now, I have to admit Gordon isn’t my favourite in the Batman series, I didn’t even particularly like Gary Oldman playing the part but I’m learning to love him now that I’m watching the show for a second time around. I want to see him change up the police department, poop on all the parties and give Harvey Bullock a swift smack in the face, which I feel is going to happen soon.

I’m also loving seeing all the villains in their younger forms, Selena Kyle is great and young Bruce Wayne plays the tormented tragic orphan well, as well as seeing all the back story behind Arkham Asylum and the corruption in the city.

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I’m only on episode 5 but I just wanted to share this with you today: Try that show again. No matter what it was, just put it on and give it another go.

I’ve experienced this before, I quit watching American Horror Story Asylum half way through and also Freak Show but both times I came back to each season I absolutely loved them.

I’ve just done it with American Horror Story Hotel, stopped watching it halfway through the series because I couldn’t watch anymore, but hopefully in a couple of months I’ll return to it and enjoy it even more than the first time round.

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It’s safe to say the only things that truly hold my attention is anything with zombies, fairytales or Sam and Dean Winchester.

So, next time you give up on a show know that in the future you’ll come back to it and probably love it, it just wasn’t right for you at that time. Give it another chance, you’ll thank yourself later.


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