The Big Geek Christmas Wishlist | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Struggling to find that perfect gift for the super cool geek in your life? Never fear! I’ve got the perfect wish list right here for you to peruse through before the big day! Just click on the image of the product to link through to the website it came from, grab a festive Baileys and get buying:

Christmas Cards: 

I’m not usually a huge fan of Christmas cards unless they’re special ones from close family and friends but I’d be more than happy to receive these.:


dobby christmas card

Image via etsy seller TheDandyLionDesigns


doge christmas

Image via etsy seller Tinybeecards

Clothing and accessories:

Star Paws

truffle shuffle star wars tee

Image via Truffle Shuffle

Hurhurhur…get it? This is a super cute tee, perfect for dress down Friday at work or when you finally go to see the new movie! I love Truffle Shuffle and never fail to find cool retro gifts and clothing when I pop on the site for a cheeky browse.

Here’s a link to the whole Star Wars range on the site.

Adventure Time merch 

Adventure Time has one of those cult followings, and probably enjoys more adult viewers than kids. Give the gift of Peppermint Butler this Christmas, this cardigan ($55) looks great on both guys and girls.

Welovefine, where this cardigan can be found, is a great geeky clothing and merchandise site I discovered, through a cosplayer. The items on the site are amazing but bear in mind if you aren’t based in the US there might be some hefty customs fees to accompany whatever your purchase.

Firefly pin 


firefly pin

Image via etsy seller fairycakes

etsy is a great place to discover awesome geeky gifts, because the sellers on there are crafty geniuses who create items that they can’t get their hands on via mainstream businesses. I love this Firefly pin, which would look great on a denim jacket or backpack.

Elder Scrolls Wallet

I hadn’t seen anything like this before while browsing the Internet, so thought I’d share it on this list. Now, you guys know how I feel about Bethesda games – if not here’s why I hate Skyrim – but plenty of people love them and if the person you’re buying for has racked up over 200 hours on Skyrim, then this might just be the perfect gift.


Butterbeer candle 


Image via etsy seller MapleandWhisky

The perfect gift for the HP fan, this candle smells like that Butterbeer you can buy from the Harry Potter Studios. Available via etsy seller MapleandWhisky, this is the perfect extra gift or stocking filler for the geek in your life.

Minecraft Redstone Ore light

I bought one of these cool little lights for Jamie last year, they cost £19.99 and aren’t as big as you might expect. But they’re pretty cool to look at and you just tap them to turn them on, Jamie keeps his on his bedside table along with a Creeper plush I also bought him.

DC Bombshells figure


Image via Amazon

I’ve been lusting after these DC Bombshell figures for a while now, I definitely need a Harley Quinn, Zatanna and Poison Ivy in my life and on my shelf. You can pick these up from around £60 depending on which character you’re purchasing, from places like Amazon and Forbidden Plant,they’re great merchandise and perfect if your splurging on that geeky gift recipient.

Subscriptions and days out: 

Pop in a Box subscription 


Give your loved one the gift of a monthly surprise Pop this Christmas, this subscription service is a great idea for those who collect Funkos.

A Monthly Mystery Pop Box costs £11.99 per month, including postage, so the average cost for a Funko Pop. You can select which ones you already have so you don’t get any duplicates and let them know what collections you are building up, then you just wait for it to arrive at your door! I think it’s a great idea and you can quickly build up your collection.

At the time of writing this post you can get 30% off your first box! Pay for three months of the subscription or 6 months if you’re feeling generous!

A trip to the Harry Potter studios


If the person you’re buying for is a huge HP fan but has never experienced the wonders of the Harry Potter Studio based then it’s definitely time to grab them some tickets for the tour.

Tickets are a little pricey if you’re buying them as a gift (£33 each for an adult), but it’s definitely worth it. I wrote a review of the tour, you can read here, if you’re not sure.

I hope this gift guide helps, or at least offers some inspiration! Let me know what you thought in the comments below…


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