The Walking Dead Mid Season Glenn Reveal | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Can I get a cheer for how awesome last night’s episode of the Walking Dead was? And FINALLY, we know what happened to a certain someone. Spoilers ahead guys.

glenn season 6

Credit AMC Networks

So, this week’s episode opened up with us finally finding out what happened to our favourite pizza delivery guy, as we watched Nicholas’s intestines get devoured on top of Glenn we watched as he shuffled backwards under the dumpster behind him.

I knew it! Lots of people also knew it! True believers, refusing to accept that he could go out in such a crappy way, all wanted to believe that he could squeeze under that dumpster and wait things out. Which he did. Of course. He’s got a wife and a baby to get back to.

After this big reveal (there was lots of whooping and hand clapping going on in my living room) we went back to Alexandria as people continued on after the brutal attack by the Wolves and the Walkers arriving at the front door.

morgan season 6

Credit AMC Networks

I’m getting more and more frustrated with Morgan and I’m glad that the group addressed his release of the five Wolves who attacked Rick in the RV. However, he’s now trying to treat a wound on the guy he’s keeping captive but thankfully Carol has worked out what he’s up to and will hopefully just walk in and dispatch the guy.

I said to Jamie, some people would have been like this before the outbreak and an apocalyptic style event would just fuel their sociopathic needs – increasing their chances of survival and their penchant for commiting heinous acts. Morgan’s Aikido tactics are not going to work on this guy.

I’m also becoming frustrated by Ron, the troubled teen who obviously has a grudge against Rick and his family (Rick did kill his Dad after all) and I feel like Carl is about to lose his eye, like in the comic, but it will be Ron shooting him instead of Douglas (who is actually represented by Deanna in the series).

ron gun walking dead

Credit AMC Networks


carl shooting

Image credit Skybound comics

But before he loses that eye, can someone please cut his hair? Jeez.

carl season 6

Credit AMC Networks

Of course, the group will have bigger things to think of than that, now that the tower has collapsed creating a nice doorway for the walkers to storm Alexandria, and Glenn, Enid, Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are trying to get back in. I’m assuming it was Rick’s voice on the walkie talkie in last week’s episode calling for help.

What did you think to last night’s episode? I’m excited for next week’s!


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