Why you should be watching Adventure Time |Pugs and Dinosaurs

I have a confession to make. I’m a little obsessed with Adventure Time. At one point I was watching it every night before bed, I can quote some episodes off by heart and I regularly sing the bacon pancakes song – no matter what I’m cooking.

Yes, it is a kids show (but since when has that stopped me before?) but it actually has such a great story and the characters are hilarious. I’m also really really happy to hear that it’s been renewed for Season 8 – which means I have two new seasons to look forward to!

Today though, I thought I’d share why I think EVERYONE should be watching the show, through the medium of gifs and really long sentences of course:

It promotes body positivity 

giphy (46)

Lumpy Space Princess is one the most self assured characters ever, even in the face of constant rejection. Her lumps appear to be a reference to plus size women and she works them. She might be narcissistic and attention seeking but she knows she looks good. Considering I went out last weekend and a man shouted ‘big girl you are beautiful’ to me (which made me want to cry but also say thanks) knowing that I can work my lumps all comes down to LSP.

It has plenty of strong female characters

giphy (47)

Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, LSP, Slime Princess, Treetrunks…all of these characters are strong females who can handle things. Treetrunks is a great example, she doesn’t take any shit and while she can be a little naive, she will always stand for what is right.

The characters have flaws 

giphy (48)

Finn needs constant reassurance that he’s doing well, Jake is easily distracted and greedy, Princess Bubblegum is a control freak, Marceline is quick to anger and doesn’t open up and the Ice King is well, the Ice King. However, even though all these characters have flaws we love them all the same.

The back story is pretty hard core for a kids’ show 


Set in the aftermath of what can only be assumed as a nuclear war, Adventure Time follows the story of mutated creatures living in the land of Ooo and a new world re building itself. Oh and there’s also Abraham Lincoln as Glob (God) who lives on Mars and a huge debate over science v magic and alternate realities.

I also love the Simon and Marceline back story, which shows the Ice King before he became the Ice King – that definitely needs a feature length film or something. Intrigued? I thought so.

Peppermint Butler

giphy (1)

A peppermint sweet that conjures the forces of evil and is pals with demons? Peppermint Butler is actually the star of the show.

What do you think of the show?


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