Here’s a rubbish poem for National Poetry Day | Pugs and Dinosaurs

It’s National Poetry Day!

I’m not normally one for writing poetry but I have dabbled in the past and I thought since it was the day for celebrating all things iambic pentameter and haiku, I’d chip in with a really bad poem I wrote a while ago:


The Park

It wasn’t much of a park
If park is what you wished to call it
Two swings and monkey bars
That the big boys used to dominate when the sun went down

The grass was a dangerous place
With last nights beer cans and fag ends
Lurking in the green
Or wallowing in the brown patches

They decided to place an electricity generator
In a metal cage
Where all could see and climb
They said the cage would protect fine

Until Bony stole his Dad’s pliers
And snapped a hole into the metal.

After angry protests and a funeral
They put a fence around
And a padlock on the gate

But it didn’t comply with the aesthetics of the neighbourhood
Someone complained

What a heavy sacrifice
To save a child’s life

Was the reply everyone else gave.

Why do you always feel like you have to italicise a poem? I don’t know why but it just felt natural.

I think it’s safe to say I won’t be writing much in the future. And I don’t do rhyming.


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