The Geek Wishlist August Edition | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Sometimes, when funds are low and I know I should be putting every last penny away into my ‘grown up house savings’ bank account I like to browse my bookmarked websites, where I have wishlists as long as the route to Mordor and sigh because I can’t have everything I want.

I thought I’d share today where I shop when I have the spare cash and what’s currently on my wishlist. Click on the links to take you through to the products if you MUST HAVE THEM IMMEDIATELY:

Truffle Shuffle 

I discovered this site a long time ago and have bought t-shirts and general accessories from there regularly over the years. The tees are on the pricier side but it’s what we geeks have to expect when we want stuff that isn’t readily available everywhere!

The items are such great quality and I’ve been wearing the same t-shirts purchased from the site for a good few years now and they’re still in pretty good shape. Here’s what I’m currently lusting over:

My bank account might look sad but life, uh, finds a way:

jurassic park

Jurassic Park vest £19.99

This tee has been on the site for a while now and I still haven’t bought it. Must treat myself:


Buffy tee £19.99

With this t-shirt I could pretend I wasn’t a filthy muggle:

harry potter

Harry Potter costume tee £24.99

The Evil Queen is my spirit animal:

evil queen

Evil Queen tee £34.99

This is the t-shirt I’ve been looking for:

star wars

Star Wars floral tee £31.99

Flounder might be a guppy, but I would’t mind wearing him round my neck:


14k gold plated Little Mermaid necklace £25.99

This is the perfect accessory for when you feel like being sassy:


LSP beanie £14.99


If you’re looking for quirky, unusual items either for yourself or as a gift then Firebox is the place to go. Here’s my wishlist:

Why would I want giant lobster claws? you might ask. Why wouldn’t I?

lobster claws

Giant lobster claws £24.99

This book has recipes for Butterbeer and Lembas bread. I’ve never wanted to ‘get in the kitchen’ so much:

geeky cookbook

The Geeky Chef cookbook £12.99

You can actually have your very own superhero doll made, featuring YOUR face:

personalised action figure

Personalised superhero action figure £79.99


I recently discovered this store after seeing a photoshoot Leo Camacho was part of for their new Adventure Time range and now I’m obsessed with the site. It works a little like Qwertee and holds competitions for artists to have their designs featured on items of clothing.

The site is based in the US but does deliver worldwide, however be aware that you might get stung with customs charges if the items you purchased are valued over £20. I have bookmarked a lot of products, here are just a few:


Peppermint Butler knit cardigan $55.00

This Finn hoodie is also perfect and even features a tiny Jake in the pocket:


Finn hoodie $35.00


What are your favourite sites to buy geeky clothing and gifts from? Do you find that sites based overseas offer better products than those based in the UK?


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