Harley Quinn Make Up Cosplay | Pugs and Dinosaurs

FullSizeRender (1)

Oh hey guys, don’t mind me. Just decided to tip the contents of my make up bag out and create a Harley Quinn make up cosplay like normal people do on a Monday evening.

This is literally liquid eyeliner, a chubby eyeliner pencil and red lipstick. So basically all the make up I own. I’m not a very good girl.


Also, apologies for the image quality apparently it gets dark at like 8 in August now in this country…no wait IT’S RAINING.


I would say there was a reason was a legit reason for doing this make up cosplay but really I’m just super excited for Halloween already and have started buying pieces for my…you’ve guessed it…Harley cosplay.

I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to go as the Joker, but he also has a beard and I really don’t want him to shave it off.


Puddin puddin puddin

Let me know what you think!


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