Pugs and Dinosaurs | Fear the Walking Dead Pilot Episode Review

So I managed to watch the latest Walking Dead franchise instalment from Robert Kirkman and amc: Fear the Walking Dead.

I’ll try and refrain from spoilers but the show is set in Los Angeles, with the pilot episode following the ups and downs (mainly downs) of a family consisting of:


Image via undeadwalking.com

  • Superbitch Mom (Madison)
  • Try Hard StepDad (Travis)
  • Angsty Teenage Daughter *with added headphone attachment (Alicia)
  • and last, but not least, Drug Taking Constant Disappointment Son (Nick)

Throw in another ungrateful, rude son and a sassy ex wife and you have the whole cliche package for an unstable, middle class American TV family (or so I’ve seen on other shows).

Yes. As you can probably tell, I hate all the characters. I’m wondering if it’s something about Kirkman but he really doesn’t create likeable people. Lori, Carl, Angela, The Governor and even Hershel when he first came into the show, were all prickly and are now all dead except Carl so perhaps that says something. Maybe it’s to lessen the pain when they inevitably get their throats ripped out?

Image via amcnetworks.com

Image via amcnetworks.com

I can see where the series is going, as the infection spreads and the undead begin to rise this family is either going to pull together to survive or get separated and have trouble finding each other again.

If you’re going into the show expecting the gore fest you enjoy from a series of the Walking Dead you won’t see it. This series takes place just as the infection starts, I’m guessing the virus has already been released because those that die are now starting to come back.

We see that there is footage going round of people being shot and not going down and a boy who works at the school Superbitch Mom teaches at has some idea about what is happening. What I do love though is that no one ever goes ‘oh shit the zombie apocalypse is happening’ like you know we all would.

Image via businessinsider.com

Image via businessinsider.com

I am excited to see just how quickly things go from normal to nuclear, it feels like the infection is playing out as a type of flu with lots of people off sick from work and school and the odd homeless person or friend of a friend dying and actually reanimating.

However, in this pilot episode the family quickly stare the horror of the infection right in the face, when a ‘close friend’ of Nick’s is killed and comes back to life ready to dine on them but is quickly dispatched via car bonnet.

Image via uproxx.com

Image via uproxx.com

I am happy that the cinematography is pretty much the same as The Walking Dead’s, it simply feels like the same show but with a new cast (and less blood budget so far).

This might have felt like an overly critical review but I will be tuning in to the series weekly and it acts as a nice buffer until Season 6 of the Walking Dead airs again. It’s definitely worth a watch, just to see how everything started to give some context to The Walking Dead series.

What did you think of the new show? Am I just being a bit negative?


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