A little late to the party |Fallout Shelter app game |Pugs and Dinosaurs

What if I told you, you could play Fallout on your phone?


Images sourced via screenshot iPhone 5C. Bethesda Studios

Well, not really Fallout as we know it, with the FPS gameplay and the temptation to detonate a bomb just to kill Moira because she’s so frigging annoying, but Bethesda have decided to dabble in the app world of gaming and have produced Fallout Shelter, which puts you in charge of your very own Vault as an Overseer and your job is to create the perfect home for your dwellers. Surprisingly it was free to download and I haven’t been confronted with any in app purchase opportunities yet.


It’s kind of like post apocalyptic Sims (they can even badoinkadoink and get pregnant) and it’s pretty addictive. I’ve racked up a good few hours on it already.


Your Dwellers each have abilities and they work best in different areas of the Vault. So those with higher strength work best in the power generator room, while those with agility skills are best when working in the diner (because you need ninja reflexes to cook apparently).


You can send you Dwellers out on missions to the Wasteland and read their reports while they’re out there. They bring back caps, stimpacks and other fun items for your dwellers to enjoy while upping their experience so they can be better at their job when they come back. They can also die out there – but you can pay out caps to revive them if you’re feeling particularly attached.


The game allows you to upgrade your rooms and level up your dwellers to enhance your Vault but of course tragedy can strike at any time – like when you remove the ladder in the pool on Sims and they can’t get out. Fires can apparently spontaneously occur at any moment in some rooms (my storage room is particularly susceptible) radroaches also like to burrow up through the floor every now and then and raiders can break into your vault and start attacking your peeps.


Once you start finding guns give these out to the dwellers stationed in the rooms nearest your vault entrance and when disaster strikes elsewhere you can pick up these people and move them into rooms to fight.

You have to ensure your power, food and water supplies are at a good level or your dwellers will start wearing frowny faces and your percentage level in the top left will start to go down. Dwellers will turn up outside your vault waiting to be let in every now and then and if you complete goals you earn lunchboxes which have special cards inside featuring weapons, armour and new dwellers with high skills.




I think this game would work better on an iPad (which I don’t have) but it’s great that it responds to swiping your finger as well as expanding and minimising to zoom in on people and rooms. It plays smoothly on my iPhone 5C but keep a charger close by because like any game it will eat battery.


Overall, the game is smooth to play, looks great and should keep you satiated until Fallout 4 arrives later in the year.

The game is free to download on the Apple store and is soon to be released on Android (Aug 2015).

What do you think? Will you give it a play?


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