A little late to the party |E3 games wishlist |Pugs and Dinosaurs

I’ve had a little time to process what we should be expecting game wise this year and in 2016. There are so many incredible games coming out that we’re going to be a little spoiled for choice.

No Man’s Sky

A friend sent me a link to the E3 gameplay demo showcase of No Man’s Sky and while I’m not the biggest fan of open world games usually (I love a good cut scene and some direction) this game looks incredible.

Set in the wide open expanse of space you are an explorer traversing the solar system discovering planets and alien life forms. The world you play in is big. I mean really big. Just watch the video above to discover just how far it goes.

The aim is to make it to the centre of the galaxy but you can apparently spend days just playing on one planet, exploring its natural plant life, animals and day to night cycles. There is an element of combat that occurs if you piss of the Sentinels who guard planets to ensure they aren’t disrupted. These guys apparently come after you if you kill to many animals or destroy things too much.

It does look incredible though and even though it is a free roaming platform game I think I will give it a try.

Rise of the Tomb Raider 

When I heard a new Tomb Raider was coming out I was very excited. I love the first game so much, it was a chance to step away from the Lara of old who made sex noises when she jumped and had knockers so big she would have had room for both Jack and Rose on them when the Titanic went down.

The first one remains in my top three games list (along with Bioshock 2 and Dragon Age). It allowed us to grow alongside Lara, it showed her finding her feet and discovering her survivor side – as well as kicking plenty of ass. This new game looks like it shares the same qualities, with Lara finally starting to do what she does best – raid tombs.

I hope there will be plenty of quick time action scenes throughout this one like Tomb Raider but I’m also not really looking forward to more puzzles which I’ve heard the game includes to appease fans of the older games. I’m one of those people who want to get on with the action, not stop for 20 minutes staring at some lever mechanism wondering how I can get it to move. Can I just kill things please and climb buildings? Thanks.

Mad Max 

If you read my review about Mad Max Fury Road you’ll probably be surprised to hear that I’m pretty damn excited for this game. It’s like GTA and a hand to hand combat fighting game such as Batman or Assassins Creed all thrown into one. You start with nothing, having to scramble materials together to fix up a car and your armour and weaponry to survive out in the Wastelands.

The game looks great, capturing the feel of the film perfectly and allowing you to become fully immersed in Max’s fight for survival. I’ll definitely be giving this one a play.

Those are just three of the games on my wishlist from this year’s E3 that haven’t seen as much hype as say Batman, Fallout 4 or Uncharted (which of course deserve all the hype they can get).

What are you looking forward to?


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