So I’m Pretty Darn Excited for Fear the Walking Dead |Pugs and Dinosaurs

I’ve been trying to find a decent trailer for AMC’s spin off show Fear the Walking Dead that’s due to air in August over in the US but can I find one that will play in my country. Nope. *shakes fist at America*

I did however find this clip, which makes me super excited for the show:

I’ve mentioned before how much I love zombie movies, especially if we get to see the beginning of the outbreak when things just start to go wrong and it will be really interesting to see how the virus got out and spread from another perspective. I love the Walking Dead series and I can’t get enough (it might be because of Norman Reedus) so this on top of Season Six is very exciting.

I’m wondering if the shows will link up at some point, it would be interesting to see if they could.

From the sounds of it, this show isn’t going to be so much about the walkers but the intial days before the apocalypse really kicks off and the impending danger that is yet to come. It will be based in L.A so there won’t even be any cameos by our favourite gang of survivors but that’s okay with me.

From the trailers available I’m guessing the virus stems from a flu vaccination that is being carried out. In the wake of protesting and opposition against vaccines in the US this year, the whole thing could feel like a one sided commentary – but that’s just my analytic side coming out from when I studied literature at uni. Of course, we know that the series is probably based loosely on Kirkman’s comics and I haven’t read enough to know how the virus started in those or if it’s ever disclosed.

However, every story and every scenario is thought of for a reason and is usually there to serve as a commentary on society. But you can come to your own conclusions, it’s probably just the easiest way of getting a virus to spread in terms of plot. Fear breeds panic, panic makes people look for a solution but the solution is actually the problem.

Fear the Walking Dead is predicted to start here in September, but there is no set date yet. The Walking Dead Season 6 is due to air in October.

For now, I’ll enjoy the teaser trailers I can get and wait patiently for my gore filled, zombie fest to come.


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