Retro kids shows that definitely need to come back

Has anyone ever watched an episode of Peppa Pig and felt appalled at just how naughty that little walking, talking slab of bacon is? I don’t ever remember kids shows conveying such terrible characters.

I grew up in the 90s, when the cartoons had that sketchy, comic book feel and the voice acting was as corny as the Twilight script *shudders* but these shows definitely need a re run, so that kids these days can bask in all their glory. Here’s what I’d bring back:

1. X-Men

I was a little obsessed with the X-Men cartoon back in the day and still feel a little cheated that Rogue was made so wet and pathetic and unable to fly in the early 2000s film franchise. I might have also had a bit of a crush on Gambit. Yes, I know he was a cartoon.

2. Spider-Man

This was my first introduction to Spider-Man, although my Dad was already a big fan, and I always remember really enjoying episodes that either featured Mary-Jane or Morbius the Living Vampire (I have always had a love for vampires it seems). This show definitely needs to make a come back, now that Andrew Garfield has been dropped from the films and to mop up the damage poor old Tobey did with the first three films (although Spider-Man 3 is still my guilty pleasure with Maguire strutting down the street).

3. Batman: The Animated Series 

I have fond memories sitting on the sofa watching this show, looking back I love how dark and stylised the animation was and that Batman’s chin was the perfect half octagon shape.

4. Mummies Alive

I’d completely forgotten about this show the other day until I discovered it while browsing YouTube. The show was only around for one season so I definitely think it needs to make a comeback (maybe without the snotty little kid as the lead character though and more air time for Nefer-Tina, who was a bit of a bad ass).

5. Gargoyles

Written by the same people behind Mummies Alive, Gargoyles was a Disney Channel show me and my sister would record when my Mum and Dad used to fork out a ridiculous amount of money for Sky. It had that oldy worldy feel to it which I loved and a bossbitch female character (although it’s still sad that there was only one).

What kids shows would you bring back? Are there any you wouldn’t have put on your list that I’ve chosen?

Jade x

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