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So we’ve been in our new home for a month now and it’s been amazing, gaining back our independence and making this place our own has been wonderful. But since this is a blog about the geekier things in life, I thought I’d share a little update with our geeky decor and what we’re filling the new house with! Plus some of the wonderful house warming gifts our friends and family have given us. Take a look:



What would a living room be without a PS4 and bright open windows. I love the light in this room. Eventually we are going to swap out the carpet for white wood laminate flooring. The walls were a strange purpley grey when we moved in and after four coats of white paint they’re bright and clean looking now. The Harley drawing was done by my very talented Dad and the sofas were very generously given to us by my parents.



This is my absolute favourite drawing my Dad has ever done and it hangs in pride of place in my living room now, out of direct sunlight so it doesn’t fade, of course.



I love this industrial lamp we picked up from Asda for just £40. The J coasters were gifts from my friend Rachel, the decoupage table was made by my friend Catriona and the mirror was a gift from my sister, which she picked up from The Range for £29.99!



My best friend is moving to London soon and she was selling a lot of furniture, so I purchased this chair from her and have placed it in the bedroom. It’s mostly catching clothes but I think it adds a little extra to the room and is the perfect spot for the few scatter cushions I own – plus a Minecraft creeper of course. I really like the wood laminate flooring in our bedroom so that will stay for now, we haven’t repainted except for in the corner where it was particularly stained but we did re-gloss the skirting boards and door frame.




This happy little terracotta ghost was a gift from my little sister, she said he was from a garden centre but when she presented us with him I thought he was the most perfect gift anyone could have picked us! The pot you can see in the background is one my Mum kindly bought for us, it has it’s own water reservoir so I don’t have to water it every day which is good news for me.



The stairs are one of my favourite areas of my new home. The little alcove is the perfect spot for my Funko collection and I’m hoping to fill the whole left side wall with pictures over time of friends and family and art prints that we like.


I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our home!


5 thoughts on “Geeky Home Purchases and Decoration | Pugs and Dinosaurs

  1. Stuart McEwan says:

    I found myself squinting at your television screen to see which games you have installed, without success I might add, haha! And I pass on my compliments to your father, he is astoundingly gifted.

    Liked by 1 person

    • pugsanddinosaurs says:

      Haha! It’s a little too edited because it was originally on Instagram! But in that pic there’s Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us Remastered, Mad Max and Batman Arkham Knight!

      So proud of his work! Sadly he didn’t pass on his artistic skill to me.

      Liked by 1 person

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