April Favourites 2017 | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Wow, I’ve been really bad with writing lately. I’m going to wholeheartedly blame Horizon Zero Dawn for leading me astray in the evenings, as well as the attempted house buying and other grown up stuffs.

So, to ease myself back into things, I thought I’d put together a simple favourites post. Just to share with you guys what I’ve been loving lately and what you should maybe check out too! Here we go…

Horizon Zero Dawn 


So, a work friend very kindly let me borrow his copy of Horizon Zero Dawn and while I’ve never been a massive open world lover I am obsessed with this game. And by obsessed I mean I think about it all the time, I am in love with Aloy (and also have very strong feelings towards the Sun-King Avad), I can spend hours and hours just exploring areas and upgrading my arsenal (something I never normally really care about) and I talk about it to anyone who will understand me.

I’ll probably put out a personal review, to sit amongst the already saturated market for positive Horizon write ups out there but for now, it’s a solid first on my list of favourites and if you have a PS4 I highly recommend you give it a play.

DC Rebirth and Marvel revamps 

So, when saving for a house the first ‘treats’ to go were my regular Funko Pop purchases and comics. I know, sad times. Stupidly I kept my gym membership, even though exercise makes me weep. But anyway, as the savings process draws closer to the end I thought I’d give give myself a little treat while I was in my local comic book shop last weekend. I had a nice chat with the girl in the shop and asked which new titles she recommended and ended up going home with Batwoman.

While I hadn’t indulged in any previous copies of the series, I’m in love. It’s pretty gritty in terms of story and a little moody but beautiful visually. The X-Men Gold series is worth a read too, with a new line up featuring Kitty Pryde leading the gang, plus Old Man Logan, Storm (better known now as Orora Munroe), Nightcrawler, Colossus and Prestige (Rachel Grey, daughter of Jean Grey).

Funko Pops

Talking of treats, I also picked up a new Funko Pop after a little break from buying them and settled on a Luna Lovegood. The detail is great on this Pop, they even featured her radish earrings! She sits nicely next to my Dementor and Dobby, strangely I don’t actually have Funkos of anyone from the main gang in my collection.

Cosplay planning 

So a group of friends including me and Jamie have booked a weekend away in July for London Film and Comic Con, we’ve set a theme and are all going as characters from the same franchise and the costume planning begins! Not entirely sure how I’ll manage building mine amongst the upheaval of moving!

If you’re heading to the con let me know! Would be great to say hi to anyone who takes time to read the blog.

Geeky house purchases

I shouldn’t be really but I’ve found myself on sites selling geeky homewares and making a few purchases. It’s probably because the childish side of me wants to balance out the fact I have to pay for a new boiler or have some fences fixed but either way, these purchases are a reflection of me and Jamie. I’d been eyeing this door mat for a while and I can’t wait to see it every day when I walk into my house.

And that’s about it for now. What have you been enjoying this month? Anyone playing Horizon? Feel free to comment below!


*Harry Potter doormat – Truffle Shuffle

Luna Lovegood Funko Pop – Amazon

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