Patches for Date Night | Outfit Post | Pugs and Dinosaurs

I love patches. I’ve written before about a denim jacket I’m currently upgrading with lots of fun designs picked up mainly from independent sellers on etsy. If you want to see the patches I already own up close and in detail check out this post. It also features a list of the sellers and some that I’m yet to try out.

For today, I thought I’d branch out into something I don’t usually do. An outfit post.


While I own lots of geeky clothes, sometimes I like to tone things down and this is why I think patches and pins are such great accessories. Most of the designs are really subtle and only true fans get them – and these people usually compliment you on your patch and start up a conversation, it’s a great way of meeting like minded people while out and about.

This is why I pair my denim jacket with pretty much every outfit I put on, and you can’t really go wrong with blue denim and black.

I picked up this cami top on a whim, mainly because I need to stop putting myself down and hiding away in long sleeve t-shirts and also because my sister had been badgering me to just pick one up because they’re super flattering and go with everything. She wasn’t wrong.


I think this is a great date night outfit, it’s simple but works if you’re just going for dinner or heading to the cinema. My hair would be in better shape though for such an occasion, what you’re seeing in these photos is a lot of dry shampoo and the effects of being a garbage person who doesn’t wash their hair after going to the gym in the morning and throws it back up instead. Look, I have a lot of it and it takes forever to dry.

The leggings I’m wearing are from BlackMilk. This is a brand based in Australia that creates some amazing nylon pieces and also do a lot of geeky designs. I have this matte black pair, that make me feel like a majestic sleek dolphin when I pull them on and an N7 pair that Jamie bought me one Christmas.


Patches by FairyCakes and genuine Czech police badge. Pins by OhGoshCindy and Final Girls

Here are some shots of my patches in all their glory, I’ll feature a list below with links where you can buy them.


Patches from Pilfered, Ohh Deer x Gemma Correll, Jennis Prints and Ferdinand Works



Cami Top: New Look

Leggings: BlackMilk

Denim jacket: River Island

Shoes: ASOS


Carol Walking Dead Pin

Firefly dinosaur Patch 

Fly like a girl patch

Buffy Sunnydale Patch 

Pawnee Goddesses Patch

Hakuna Matata, Jurassic Park and Adventure Time patches 

Pug mermaid and cat patches 

Kim Kardashian crying pin

Umbrella corp patch 

Troll patch 

Big thank you to my Dad for taking these photos!

Camera used: Canon SX510 HS

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