Mid August Favourites | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Excuse me, how is it August already?

But wait…that means it’s closer to Halloween! Win win.

August has been a busy month so far, with lots of days out and evenings spent with family and friends. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying this month…

Suicide Squad

suicide squad blitz trailer

I feel like I’ve been holding out forever for this film to come to the cinema…and it was worth the wait. Ignoring the negative reviews before the film was even released here, I think it’s definitely worth a watch. I also feel like everyone has jumped on a ‘let’s hate everything DC’ bandwagon, letting half arsed reviews like ‘it was shit’ or ‘Jared Leto is a crap Joker’ dictate whether they go watch the movie or not.

Harley was everything I dreamed, I actually really liked Jared Leto as the Joker and while the plot was a little hit and miss the action scenes were fun. Read my full review and thoughts here.

No Man’s Sky 


Finally, I took the plunge and bought a PS4 – I found a great deal on the Tesco website, £279 for a 500GB PS4 and No Man’s Sky (I just went to go and grab the link for the deal and guess what? It’s changed so the free game is Uncharted 4. I am in a blind rage. That was the game I wanted.)

But, is a PS4 worth the money? YES. Yes it is. The whole system is so much smoother than the PS3 which I found jarring and slow at times, it looks great and the rest mode feature is excellent when it comes to downloading updates and games, the Playstation Store has been given the upgrade it needed.

I’m also loving No Man’s Sky. I wasn’t initially sure about the game, because I’m not usually a fan of the whole ‘it’s an open world, do whatever you want thing’ but the process to travel means you can spend hours exploring a planet, finding the resources you need to charge up your hyperdrive or launch thrusters and learn new words of an alien language at points throughout the world.

It’s a truly beautiful game to play, every planet is different and I’ve been having a lot of fun feeding the native animals and giggling at the weird combinations the game conjures up. I found a species the other day with like weird guinea pig faces, six legs and an armadillo style body that squeaked at me and followed me around after feeding them. Once I’ve played a few more hours I’ll put together a review with some tips on how to play the game, there’s so much to discover and the developers leave you to work things out for yourself.

Snapchat and Insta stories 

Snapchat filters have been on fire this month! And of course I especially enjoyed the Harley Quinn one. If you fancy adding me on Snapchat my username is jadegab.

Buutt there’s also another contender on the live video update scene, Instagram has of course released it’s own version of Snapchat – and even used the same name – which I’ve been having a lot of fun updating. It doesn’t feature the filters of course, but you can draw on the screen and I prefer it to Snapchat because I get to enjoy updates from everyone I follow on Instagram without having to second guess or search for their username.

If you fancy seeing lots of videos of my Mum’s dog and maybe some updates on what I’m up to then follow me (username is @pugdinosaur).

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child playscript 


So, if you follow this blog you’ll know I didn’t get tickets for Cursed Child (boooo) but my sister picked up the playscript to read and I stole it away and devoured it in one evening. It was truly wonderful reading a new story, featuring the characters I know and love.

SPOILERS: Getting to experience moments with Snape and Dumbledore again were moving and the repercussions of time travel were interesting to read – i.e. who knew Cedric Diggory could turn so evil after being humiliated? What a sensitive sausage.

I highly recommend picking up a copy and giving it a read. It’s made me want to start the books and films all over again.

That’s what I’ve enjoyed this month so far, what did you think to Suicide Squad and Cursed Child?


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