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The night is dark and full of spoilers…

But if you don’t want to read the review below, just go watch it. It’s a fun action movie. With Harley Quinn.

Me and Jamie decided to skip the Showcase Cinema near us last night – that thought it was okay to only show Suicide Squad in 3D (why?why?why?) – and head to Huntingdon’s Cineworld to watch the latest DC installment.

Now, disclaimer, I haven’t watched Batman V Superman or any of the Henry Cavill Superman movies.

Why? Because I don’t like Superman.

Don’t look at me like that. Does anyone really like Superman?

So, yeah, I don’t really know how that film ended or how it really affected Suicide Squad but from what I could tell Superman dies? Is that possible? I dunno, but they mentioned something about him being gone and Batman lording it up.

As Tommy Lee Jones would say: “[Superman] didn’t die…he just went home.”

(10 points to Gryffindor if you can tell me what movie that’s from.)

But back to the review/thoughts:

Reading all of the pretentious, thesaurus bashed reviews beforehand made me a little nervous. I’ve been waiting a year for this movie, mainly due to it involving Harley Quinn’s first major appearance in a blockbuster film – something I’ve wanted to see for a long time.

So I decided to doll myself up like Harley with some pink and blue…


In true blogger style, I managed to make this review about me

And parked my butt in an assigned seat at Cineworld (which, for those living in Peterborough I highly recommend travelling to. The foyer isn’t that great but the screens are brilliant AND YOU CAN SEE THE FILM WHEREVER YOU SIT!)

The film opens with a Will Smith scene. One we saw in the trailer a fair few times. I feel like the trailer – as per usual – gave too much of the good stuff away. All the funny moments and best Harley scenes we’d already seen, so there wasn’t much laughing in the cinema when they came on.

Harley was definitely overexploited in the trailer but she was one of the best characters in the film. Although, I have to say, Killer Croc was also great and Katana was way underused.

In fact, what was with Katana? For the first 40 minutes I was sat there thinking ‘where is she?’ And when she finally arrives they attempt to explain who she is with a quick flashback to her slicing and dicing some guys who killed her husband and then Rick Flag is like ‘Oh yeah guys, this is Katana and by the way her sword traps the souls of everyone she kills and she’s pretty good with it.’

I WANT TO KNOW MORE. But, to be perfectly honest, she wasn’t necessary as a character. However, I feel like DC want to do more with her which is why she has been introduced now.

I’m glad we saw a few different sides to Harley’s character throughout the film, while we got to enjoy her  nutty side for the most part, we also saw her vulnerable and weaker side later. Harley’s cutesy, almost childlike elements were well played in the film, while she’s obviously as ‘mad as a bag of frogs’ there’s an innocence to her sometimes that I have always loved about the character. Her relationship with Deadshot was a nice touch, as he takes her under his wing.

The first half of the film is pretty chaotic, as Snyder attempts to explain who everyone is and why they’ve been locked up by Batman and Amanda Waller (OH.MY.GOD I will get onto the heinous crime against humanity that is Amanda Waller in a moment.) I feel like the opening first half should have been overlapped with almost like a comic book frame to show we were moving around time frames and explaining back stories. However, they did this with the Hulk movies and those films were bad. I mean, they were just bad movies, but comic book frames over the scenes might have reminded people of that.

So, okay onto Amanda Waller aka Evil Taskforce Lady.

How do I begin to explain Amanda Waller?

Amanda Waller is pure evil.

She has two AK47s and a private helicopter.

I hear she insured her trigger finger for 10,000 dollars

She hired this cool assassin girl…from Japan

One time she met Bruce Wayne on a plane…

…and he told her she was a dick.

One time she shot an innocent FBI agent in the face. It was awesome.

She’s definitely the Regina George of the film. The evil, conniving snake that screws everyone over. Viola Davis plays the part so well.

Okay, I’ve talked about all the bits I didn’t necessarily like (they always come out first when doing a review) but do you know what, the film is well worth a watch.

It’s fun, fast paced and it looks great. The soundtrack is amazing – Twenty One Pilots Heathens and Skrillex and Rick Ross’s Purple Lamborghini are on my top most played list recently – and the costumes are so well thought out and put together.

I loved all the little nods to Harley Quinn’s red and black suit – which apparently she almost wore for the film – plus the strange little additions to scenes and characters such as Captain Boomerang’s fluffy pink unicorn and the arrangement of babygrows in Joker’s weapon display on the floor, which was a little unsettling.

Oh, let’s just touch on Jared Leto’s Joker for a moment.

For me, Mark Hamill will ALWAYS be the Joker. But, Leto did a pretty good job. He looked the part and in all his scenes you felt uncomfortable and understood that this wasn’t a guy to mess with. It’s also one of the first instances where the Joker had an agenda as such, he’s attempting to get Harley back all through the film whereas in other appearances he’s just being a villain for the sake of it really.

Overall, I definitely recommend you go give it a watch. For those fully fledged Harley Quinn fans reading this, watch it just for Robbie’s performance.

Have you seen Suicide Squad yet? What did you think?


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