Mid June Favourites | Pugs and Dinosaurs

I need to set a reminder, every month I look at my calendar and swear loudly when I realise it’s the 15th and I still haven’t put this post together. Wait? You thought I had my shit together? That’s funny.

So, here we go, my fave things from the month past…

Puppy sitting


Jamie’s Mum has a new puppy and we got to look after her for the weekend because she had a trip planned abroad. Her name is Dayna and she is the most adorable little pup. She was flown all the way here to the UK from Cyprus and was apparently found fending for herself after being abandoned before being rehomed.

She’s doing really well now though, although she hasn’t been able to go out of the house for walks because she’s been on antibiotics so hasn’t had her vaccinations yet. I highly recommend if you’re feeling sad, go and find a dog and have a nice cuddle.

Climbing Mt Snowdon


I wrote a post about my experience the other day – you can read it here – but climbing Snowdon with my work colleagues was an intense but fun weekend. We raced up and down the mountain in 4 1/2 hours but I feel like I’ve recovered pretty quick, my legs are nearly back to normal now and I’m not feeling too tired.

Baby showers


My best friend is having a baby and considering how un-maternal I am, I’m excited! She’s due in August and me and some of her close friends and Mum put together a baby shower for her with gifts, a yummy afternoon tea and silly games.

New patches 


We can’t get through a monthly favourites anymore without me sharing some new patches. I absolutely love the ‘Fly Like a Girl’ patch from etsy store Hand Over Your Fairycakes and the police badge was gifted to me by my Dad who received it from the Czech police force when they visited. The Adventure Time patch is from La Barbuda, the Pawnee Goddesses from another etsy seller FerdinandWorks  and the Umbrella Corp patch from eBay.

I’ve put together a post on the best place to buy patches, if you’re interested. You can read it here.

Outcast TV show

The FOX channel really does put out some great shows. Currently I’m stuck into Wayward Pines but have also just started watching Outcast, a horror series created by Robert Kirkman. It’s based on a comic series of the same name – which is definitely worth a read by the way, I’m only a few issues in but really enjoying it. It airs on Tuesdays on FX and is about demonic possession in an American town and the lead protagonist dealing with his own demons as well as exorcising them.

I recently put together a post on some of the best currently airing TV shows to watch, you can read about them here.

Chokers and dark lipstick 


Call me a basic bitch all you want but I love this look I put together the other day. I feel like Nancy from the Craft without all the crazy. The choker is from New Look and the lipstick is NYX Liquid Suede in Vintage.

Until next month!



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