E3 Wishlist 2016 | Pugs and Dinosaurs

You might have noticed something being heavily discussed on all your favourite gaming sites…a big event, perhaps? Something called E3?

As a platform for all the big developers to show off their latest projects, it’s also the perfect opportunity for me to decide which games I intend on playing in the future…when I get that goddamn PS4 of course (this summer, this summer is when I hand over my money and buy one). So what game previews tickled my tastebuds this year? Let’s break it down:

Mass Effect: Andromeda

YES. After the crying shame that was Mass Effect 3 let’s hope Andromeda can pick up the pieces and redeem the franchise. Apparently the storyline features a whole new cast of younger characters, so no more of my sassy Shepard *cries a little*.

I’m hoping the game will still feature all the amazing aspects we enjoyed in Mass Effect 2; the character relationships we were allowed to develop (always ended up with Jacob, who was beautiful but not as beautiful as my Alistair in DA) the fun dialogue, the incredible soundtrack, the distant planets to explore, the easy to manage gameplay and the immersive upgrading system.

The Last Guardian

I’m going to admit, I hadn’t heard much about this game until E3 but I have to admit the trailer gave me goosebumps. The world looks beautiful, the music was touching and the giant mechanical winged dog creatures look like they need a big old cuddle. It’s a game that has been in development for a long time (since 2007 apparently) and those tracking its progress have high expectations.

The game is centred on its lead protagonist a boy and one of the dog creatures called Trico, gameplay so far is centred around sneaking past guards and working together to get past obstacles and focuses on the growing friendship between the boy and the creature. I feel like it’s going to make me cry but I really want to play it, simply because it’s so beautiful to look at. The trailer made me well up to be honest but I think it was just because Trico’s movements and displays of affection for the boy just touched me.

Days Gone 

Okay, this feels a little like a The Last of Us with some Uncharted thrown in, but anything apocalypse and I’m there – you all know this. Watching the gameplay trailer, it looks like a game that’s going to get your heart racing, your brain thinking and your anxiety levels escalating just a bit. Graphic wise it looks stunning, the world is a typical rural America but it looks like it could be on par with the Uncharted 4 visuals.

The zombies are fast moving, can climb like monkeys and look horrible. The lead protagonist is your average grizzly, hardened anti-hero who you probably can’t help but love, much like Joel in The Last of Us although this guy has a much cooler name – Deacon St John. I can’t wait to give this game a try! And probably panic cry all the way through it.

What games are you most excited for from E3?


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