Mid May Favourites | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Woah, it’s mid May already?

giphy (46)

Sorry, couldn’t control myself

This means it’s that time of the month where I divulge what I’ve been buying, what I’ve been enjoying and what you should take a look at too. So, here you go…



Patches by La Barbuda

Remember when you’d cover your corduroy backpack for school in angsty or band name patches that your Mum carefully ironed on with a towel because you couldn’t be trusted with a hot iron? Well, this whole concept is back in style – even brands such as ASOS are on board – and I’ve decided to be a sheep and decorate my denim jacket with wondrous nerdy designs. Here are some I have already stitched on:


Firefly patch – Hand over your Fairycakes

This quote by Wash from Firefly is my absolutely favourite and cracks me up every time, which is why when I saw patch created by Fairycakes I knew it had to go on my jacket. The patch didn’t take very long to arrive at all and is incredibly high quality. I stitched mine on, just to be sure it wouldn’t come off and I’d lose it, but you can iron it on.

If you don’t know what the quote is from, please watch this video:


Sunnydale High patch – Jennis Prints

This patch came all the way from Sweden and in super quick time too! It’s pretty high quality and the colours are so rich and vibrant. Jennis Prints are great if you’re into Twin Peaks, Buffy or Wes Anderson, click the link above and check out the rest of their designs.


Jurassic Park and Adventure Time patches – La Barbuda

La Barbuda’s patches are extremely high quality, the colours are incredible and the designs original and feature everything I love from Star Wars to Adventure Time. I’ve recently purchased another patch from their new range and there’s a few more purchases sure to happen soon – definitely need their Rebel Scum Star Wars patch!

Amazing right? I’ve found most of these sellers on Instagram but etsy is definitely the best place to find new patch designs. I’m aiming to get my jacket covered by the end of the year.

New house


So we have officially moved! We’re back in my parent’s house, which is going to take a little getting used to, but so far no one’s died so I’m taking that as a good sign. We’re sleeping in a beautifully decorated room and have our own living space to sit in for the evenings so no one gets in anyone else’s way. I’m excited now that everything is sorted with my old flat and can get on with properly saving money for our future home.

Sunny days 


I spoke earlier this year about dealing with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and how the winter months leave me feeling unlike myself and down which is why I’m so glad the sunny days have arrived and I can take walks in the green areas in Peterborough – the photo above was taken at Ferry Meadows. There’s nothing better than simply spending an afternoon ignoring your phone and just taking a walk by yourself or with family.

Printed tees


My lovely friend Becca was kind enough to pick this amazing t-shirt up from me, from Primark of all places. Actually, that place does feature a fun range of printed t-shirts and pyjamas, I have a few Harry Potter tees and Little Mermaid pj sets from there.

Weight loss progress 


It’s officially been a year since I started on my weight loss journey, joining the gym and trying to be better with food. I’ve lost a stone since then and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself! I have to admit, I know that if I had been better I’d have lost a lot more but life definitely gets in the way of your motivation, as well as just offering up delicious food that you can’t turn down.

Anyone who knows me understands that I simply love to eat but at the same time I’ve been struggling with my self confidence and decided weight loss was something that could help with this. I’m feeling stronger since going to the gym – and my firmer thighs and baby biceps show this – but when I get my eating right there is no better feeling. I have got before and after pictures but I’m no where near ready to share those, so I’ve popped a photo above of me looking smug after trying on swimming costumes that definitely didn’t fit last year.

Captain America Civil War 


scarlet witch

Image via moviepilot.com


Oh.My.God. While I definitely agree that this film shouldn’t be considered part of the Captain America series it was incredible. Do you want to know why? Mainly because my fave girl Scarlet Witch was showcased for the powerful character that she is, not only when it comes to her powers but also her will and emotions. I feel like Avengers Age of Ultron didn’t do her justice, we didn’t get to see the full extent of her power but her dominance over Vision displayed this perfectly. I’m probably going to write a ‘late to the party’ post about it so watch out for that!

That’s what I’ve been enjoying so far this month, how about you?


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