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This post has gorey gifs in it. Just a warning


Okay, I have one rule when it comes to horror:

As soon as there is a zombie or mutant baby running around attacking people it’s time to turn it off. That’s it, grab that remote and say ‘no’.

Don’t go back to it, you don’t need that sort of weird shit in your life.

giphy (45)

I wasn’t lying to you

But…I broke my rule the other day. I carried on watching a show that had a really bad looking zombie baby running around eating people in it. I’m sorry.

I noticed Z Nation had been added to Netflix, and being a huge fangirl of all things zombie related I was like ‘yes, let’s get this on!’ It stars Harold Perrineau (you know, Mercutio from Baz Lurhman’s Romeo and Juliet) plus a bunch of unknowns. Well okay, SPOILER it stars Harold Perrineau in the first episode, then he dies – I guess they could only afford him for one episode.

giphy (44)

I’ve watched up to episode four and I still can’t work out if it’s supposed to be a comedy horror or not. I get that there will be jokes in these things but everything about this show is comical – from the one liners, to the general dialogue to the absolutely ridiculous zombie kills.

giphy (42)

Needless to say, I can’t stop watching. And I don’t think I will stop either.

It has that Rodriguez vibe about it, when it’s just so so bad it’s good and everything is unbelievably ridiculous but after a while you kind of go with it. I mean, we have to remember it’s made by Syfy and we have them to thank for films such as Sharknado.

giphy (43)

This is the greatest gif you will ever see 

If you’ve been looking for a cheesy new show to stick on, give Z Nation a try, even if it’s just for the belly laughs.


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