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For some of us, Pottermore’s update shattered our dreams of being sorted into our favourite house and we were thrown into the dungeon, with those we once considered to be the enemy.


From my answers, I didn’t understand why I had been placed in Slytherin. Always considering myself a Hufflepuff at heart, I was pretty surprised to discover Pottermore thinks I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum, that I could be sorted into a house Umbridge came from. Umbridge, the only person more evil than Voldemort himself *shudders*

But the more I thought about it, the more I embraced the notion of being a Slytherin and if you’re in the same boat as me here are a few reasons why it’s perfectly okay to don the emerald robes and be proud. Get the green and silver flag out people!

You can finally be completely honest

giphy (1)

Slytherins aren’t known for their unrelenting friendliness and so now that you’ve embraced your true house you can be as honest as you like about people and their stupid opinions.

Tell your best mate they’re an idiot for buying Justin Beiber tickets and you don’t have to compliment that person on their new haircut if you think its awful and if you don’t want to do something don’t just say yes to save people’s feelings. You can be completely open and honest with yourself and everyone. People like a straight talking person. Just refrain from name calling, please.

Some great people came from Slytherin 

giphy (2)

Did you know Merlin was a Slytherin and was potentially taught by Salazar himself? So yeah, the greatest wizard of all time was once in the house you’ve been sorted into, what does that say about you? You could definitely do great things. Horace Slughorn was also a Slytherin and while his actions were questionable at times he did have the best intentions at heart.

Of course, we can’t forget Snape who was a good guy (kind of) all along! He just had an obsession with Lily Potter, became a double agent for Dumbledore and Voldemort and let his feelings affect his relationship with Harry…so yeah.

Other notable people include Tonks’s mother, who went against every Slytherin tradition to marry a muggle and Regalus Black who left his role as a Deatheater to destroy Horcruxes.

The Slytherin common room looks out into the lake 

What could be better than just chilling in your common room, looking out the window and seeing the giant squid just cruise on by – or even perhaps trying to a catch a glimpse of the mysterious (but also pretty dangerous) merpeople?!

You get the better coloured robes 

Green and silver wins over yellow and black any day, and as for Gryffindor with all that regal red and gold – it’s a bit try hard isn’t it?

The house animal is a snake

Snakes are badass. Therefore you are badass.

Before Potter came along Slytherin dominated in sports and house points 

giphy (3)

Harry broke all the rules in first year when he landed a place on the Gryffindor house team and since that day Slytherin saw their grip on the leaderboard slip. But I’m pretty sure that when things returned to normal we dominated again, Slytherins know how to win.

Finally, we get the best chat up lines 



So if you’re now  a Slytherin don’t get upset, you’re destined for great things, lots of success and you know how to get what you want…embrace it!

Not convinced? Then why not adopt some traits from all the houses? I like to consider myself a fiercely loyal friend, like a Hufflepuff – I would never turn on someone I love – and I like to think I can be brave in certain situations, like a Gryffindor. I would mention Ravenclaw but I’m definitely not smart enough to be associated with that house…

So yeah…Slytherin and proud!



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