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Okay, I know there are going to be numerous posts out there about last night’s episode of TWD but I’m still not over that season finale. There will be spoilers in this post so if you haven’t seen it yet why not go read something a little more pleasant like this or this until you’ve seen it?

I will be honest, my heart was actually racing in the build up to Negan choosing his victim and I will never hear the words ‘eeny meany miny mo’ and consider them innocent fun ever again.

negan walking dead finale

Image via Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The episode was so well done, with a tense build up to the final scene with the Saviours and for a moment you thought maybe Rick and co will get to the Hill Top in time and get Maggie the help she needs (also, can we just pause to note Maggie’s hair and how god awful it looks too? Why?)

The most effective moment had to be the whistling. It was eerie, terrifying and made you feel an utter sense of despair for the group. Seeing Rick’s realisation that he could do nothing to get out of the situation and save Negan’s victim was heartbreaking, watching such a strong character break was hard to watch. Glenn’s reaction to Negan hinting that he should just kill Maggie was also crushing and for a moment I thought the show was going to keep in line with the comics and finally kill off our favourite former pizza delivery guy.

Greg Nicotero, the Director for this final episode of the season, is a cruel man indeed and is having to defend his decision to end the episode on that evil cliffhanger and the black screen with the horrible sound of someone being beaten to death with Negan’s baseball bat, ‘Lucille’. Apparently, the death scene for the character hasn’t even been filmed yet!

Hearing the sounds of whoever Negan had chosen on a black screen was a harrowing end to the series but an effective one. As people cried out on Twitter about the show using a cliffhanger to improve ratings and claiming that they won’t watch again, you just know they’ll be back in October to see who was killed. I just hope no one does too much digging before the next season and ruins it for everyone like they’ve attempted to do with the Jon Snow storyline in GOT.

negan group the walking dead

Image via Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Now bear in mind, Carol and Morgan were not caught by the Saviours and were found by another group of friendlies, so there is hope yet and perhaps they will be the ones to swoop in and save the day if Negan and his buddies decide to not let Rick and the gang go. Although, he wants them to ‘work for him’ so they will be released.

I’m looking forward to potentially meeting Ezekiel, who is the leader The Kingdom colony (the group the two guys in the armour on horses are from) and I really really really hope they include his pet tiger Shiva in the show. Yes, the guy has a pet tiger.

shiva tiger walking dead

Image via

I think Season 7 will see Rick perhaps changing his views on killing people unnecessarily and Carol and Morgan perhaps making some of the bigger decisions for the group, after all as Negan stated it’s his actions against the Saviours that got the group noticed and one of the key members killed.

However, there’s obviously going to be some plotting against Negan and the Saviours because Rick isn’t going to pander to someone forever – he’s been the one in charge for too long. I mean, this is the guy that ripped a guy’s throat out with his teeth. But for now, the group are outnumbered, outgunned and in this episode they were outplayed by a long shot.

Also as much as I truly hate Negan – Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the part perfectly – I actually hate Dwight more. Like, what is that guys problem with Daryl? Does he not remember it was him who left Daryl stranded and took his bike? Daryl actually helped him and his gal pal before they turned on him. I just don’t get what his issue is. Also, he’s turned up with his face half burnt but no explanation (unless I missed that) but comic readers will know that it was Negan who burnt his face with an iron.

While it was harsh leaving us with such a huge cliffhanger this season, consider the wise words of Greg Nicotero himself: “Just be patient, being in this world of instant gratification.

“Come on, you can wait a little while.”

What did you think to this season finale? Who do you think was chosen? My money’s on Abraham.


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