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So you may already know – if you saw my super awkward Christmas present video – that I’m going to be moving back to my parents in a couple of months, because me and my boyfriend are saving up and planning on buying a shiny new house later in the year.

So of course, before I’ve even been to see someone about a mortgage or packed my current flat up I’ve been on Pinterest pinning all the decor ideas and trawling sites such as Etsy and Ikea (sorrynotsorry), for pretty new things to fill our future space up with.

Being a generous sort of geek, I thought I’d share some of my favourite finds from Etsy – that place is a gold mine of gorge products, lovingly handmade by likeminded people. All of which I want to befriend when they use obscure quotes or characters from my favourite fandoms in their designs – and other sites.

Before we begin though, I thought I’d take a moment to share what’s been ticking the boxes when it comes to interior design inspiration. I’m all about white walls, clean lines and shelves filled with colourful, fun items – and hopefully Jamie is too! Moving into a new home should allow us to create something not dissimilar to my interior inspiration, here are a few images that I think will create the foundations for how we decide to decorate our home:



Image via

small bright kitchen

Image via

Now, here are some geeky things to fill these spaces with! Simply click on the picture to be taken through to the product and snap it up for yourself! Don’t say I didn’t give you anything.

wireless charger

Ikea wireless chargers are such a brilliant idea!

bulbasaur planter

Image via etsy seller Succulent Monster

poo brain pillow

Image via etsy seller LeahGMoloney


buffy prayer candle

Image via etsy seller WantWishBuy

death star cookie jar

Image via Menkind

companion cube plush

Image via

butterbeer candle

Image via etsy seller MapleandWhisky


tea wok

Image via etsy seller GallonsofInk

These are just a few things I’m going to convince Jamie we need to buy when we move into our new home. I think they’re all pretty necessary to be honest.

What do you think? Where do you like to buy geeky homeware from?


3 thoughts on “Geeky Homeware and Interior Inspiration | Pugs and Dinosaurs

      • uhbeautifuldisaster says:

        Aww ty! I love my fire pokemon and I want to make piplup since I’m playing a modded version of emerald. Change can set my anxiety to go haywire. But it looks like you’ve got a blank canvas.


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