Vision V Scarlet Witch: Who Would You Have on Your Team? | Pugs and Dinosaurs

When the second Captain America Civil War trailer came out a couple of weeks ago, there was a lot of debate about the team ups, with many people writing off Cap’s ensemble simply because Vision was against him.

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But what people neglected to take into consideration was the fact that Cap has Scarlet Witch, and we’ve all seen the damage she can do. Plus, if the filmmakers decided to stick with the comic storylines they’d make her one of the most powerful characters in the franchise.

When it comes to the source of Scarlet Witch’s (Wanda Maximoff’s) powers there is speculation over her parentage or whether she was tested on. At one point it was thought her father was Magneto, technically making her and Quicksilver mutants but it has been questioned in recent comics. However, if Magneto really is her father this explains why she has such great powers.

Her powers are drawn from mystic energy, which reminds me of the magic based characters in the DC world  (Zatanna and Raven for example)  and she has the ability to alter reality and cause molecular disturbances, which can result in combustion, she can also deflect objects, making her a key player in any fight.

She and Vision actually marry in the comics and there’s a very strange storyline where she has twins but they are not actually real and so she surpresses her memory of them and ends up going a little insane.

Her storyline in the Marvel series is a complicated and toxic one, leading Wanda to become unbalanced and dangerous. Her ability to warp reality results in M-Day, the day when all of the mutants in the world lost their powers and this resulted in numerous deaths. After this event occurred she seemingly lost her own abilities too.

This is just one example in the Scarlet Witch’s storyline that proves her immense power, her ability to strip mutants of their powers by altering reality suggests that with training she could be even more dangerous.

Vision’s storyline isn’t as chaotic Wanda’s, created by Ultron using the Android body of the Human Torch (that’s a whole other story) he was created to destroy the Avengers but ended up joining them.

Like Wanda, Vision’s power drove him to turn rogue, he became obsessed with creating peace on Earth and hacked into the world’s computers and defence databases to launch weaponry. However, he realised he was being affected by his control crystal, which interfered with his ability to reason and he managed to stop himself  but because of his actions he was considered a threat and dismantled, with his memory removed.

Scarlet Witch went about recreating him but when he returned he could no longer feel and their romance died. After Scarlet Witch killed some of the Avengers, when she broke down for the first time, Vision was ripped in half by She-Hulk and left beyond repair, which makes me think he’s actually not as powerful as Wanda after all.

Vision’s powers include the ability to become diamond hard or change size at will, as well as being able to fly. He can also materialise inside another person, which causes intense pain and the solar cell on his head also has the ability to reach temperatures of 500 to 300,000 degrees F. So yeah, he packs a punch but it didn’t appear to help him when She-Hulk was around.

When it comes to choosing one to be on your team I think I’d have to go for Scarlet Witch, while she might be mentally unstable but her ability to manipulate reality makes her unstoppable and her hex powers also make her a fantastic weapon in a battle situation.

I don’t dispute that Vision is a powerful character, but his lack of emotion can hold him back as he makes only rational decisions. Passion is a driving force in the Avengers, and Scarlet Witch has tons of that.

Who would you choose to have on your team?


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