Late to the party | Maggie film review | Pugs and Dinosaurs

I discussed not so long ago, the Maggie film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and my hopes for it. Well, I finally got to watch the movie, so I can give a definitive verdict on what it was like.


As expected, it was a drama that focused more on the changes occurring in Maggie than any dispatching of zombies – although there is some of that in the film.

I enjoyed Arnie’s part, as desperate Dad Wade, he is far from terrible at dramatic roles and his chemistry with Abigail Breslin worked as a father/daughter dynamic. The film grapples with the concept of preparing to die, and instead of the usual dramatic flesh eating zombie virus approach the issue is tackled in almost the same manner as terminal illness. We watch as Maggie slowly deteriorates throughout the film, losing her eye to the infection and then her skin slowly starts to decay.


I won’t lie to you. The film is a little slow, there is no other storyline except Wade dealing with his daughter’s inevitable demise and Maggie coming to terms with the infection that is taking over her body. I did get a little twitchy in places waiting for the film to move on. As a zombie movie fan I shouldn’t have gone into it thinking it would be just that, a zombie movie. It deals with something far greater, a child’s early death and a parent’s grief.

Inevitably, it doesn’t end well for Maggie, there is no cure and even though the world appears to still be turning we watch Wade’s collapse in those final scenes.

Maggie is definitely worth a watch, even if it’s just out of curiosity. Just expect it to be more of a drama focusing on the actions of the characters and their inner turmoils instead of a fast paced zombie dystopia story.

Have you seen Maggie? What did you think?


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